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Safeguarding Your Practice from Security Threats

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Tapping Into Corporate America’s March Toward Health

Tapping into the corporate world can actually lead to big returns for the chiropractic practice. Rising healthcare costs and more recognition of the return-on-investment that preventative care can offer to business owners has resulted in the corporate world taking aggressive steps to mitigate costs and reduce absenteeism.

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Practice Leadership – 5 Ways to Increase Practice Profitability

As a Doctor of Chiropractic you must also become a leader, a business owner, and a strategic thinker. Transcend the stagnation of merely managing your practice and exercise the type of leadership necessary to help your business thrive.

Building a successful business requires clear goals, strategic thinking, and bold execution. This takes the type of leadership that transcends the simple process of managing your day-to-day practice. In order to provide exceptional treatment to your community, you must keep your doors open, your life healthfully funded, and your practice not just living, but thriving. The difference between leadership and management lies within the ability to take the building blocks of true, effective leadership and implement them elegantly and energetically within your practice.

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Running a Practice in a Mobile Era

There are two sides to the mobility coin: the effect mobility has on practice efficiency, and the expectations patients have as they live in the mobile era. Speaking to the latter, and now that mobile adoption has offered patients access to the Internet from anywhere, user engagement is rapidly on the rise. As smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices are now ubiquitous, users are flocking to their portable screens to get information on pretty much everything—including where to find the best chiropractors in their area. And because patients are now keeping tabs on their providers right from the palms of their hands, mobile apps and push notifications are quickly becoming the golden eggs in every chiropractor’s marketing basket.

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