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Post Payment Audits—Who, Why and What to Do!

In this webinar, you will learn: What a Post Payment Audit is and how to respond, who is being targeted and what the red flags are, and the keys to compliance.

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Are Your Groupons Compliant?

In this fast-paced electronic era, the Internet and social media have become an exciting but also daunting and complex new marketing frontier. We are now in the hyper-connected Twitter and Facebook phase, and some chiropractic practices have fully and fruitfully embraced these technologies.

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Informed Consent Emerging as a New Basic Element in Patient Communications

Effective risk management requires every chiropractic practitioner’s daily attention. Consistent attention to detail and regular examination and re-evaluation of the risk-management basics, and now an up-to date knowledge of and compliance with your state’s official rules are essential to your practice’s protection and the practitioner’s peace of mind.

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