Recent ChiroTouch Client Feedback

ChiroTouch has become the most popular practice management software in the industry because our clients are our number one priority. Chiropractors choose ChiroTouch because they desire a better quality of life – for their patients, their staff, and themselves. We believe the relationships we have with our clients are developed and strengthened through our committed attention and genuine concern for our clients, as well as our desire to continually improve their experience with our software. But, don't just take our word for it. Take a look at some of the recent feedback we have received from just a few of our satisfied clients.



"Wanted to say thank you for your diligent work and preparation during the ICD-9 to ICD-10 transition. This is why you’re the best. From day 1 to present day, ChiroTouch has been a blessing in our clinic. Any of your staff ever needs help and is in Fort Collins, CO – come see us. You are all VIP’s here!”

  • Brandon E. Buttry D.C., One Health Chiropractic – Fort Collins, CO

“You guys made this truly seamless. I have no idea what other clinics are going through but here on my end I got prepared [for IDC-10] and it seems fine.”

  • Matthew Collins D.C., Twin Cities Headache & Neck – St. Paul, MN

“My name is Rhonda and I wanted to bring to your attention an amazing employee you have. I am not comfortable at all doing anything with a computer. But Mark Bernstein made it very painless to get our updates caught up. He came in an hour early as we are on the east coast to update all 17 computers this morning. And to top it off he was so happy to do it. You need many, many more employees like Mark. I hope you give him something amazing to match how amazing he is!!!! I am the billing manager at Pivotal Health and today is my birthday…so far this has been the best present I have gotten.”

  • Rhonda Williams, Joseph Family Chiropractic – Port Charlotte, FL

“I have to say that the ICD-10 conversion was seamless. The best conversion I ever went through without any issues.”

  • Amy J. Katzka, Advanced Family Chiropractic – Manitowoc, WI

“Just thought you might want to know that Kelly has been a huge help and if that's the support that your team has to offer across the board, it's another reason for me to recommend your product!”

  • John DeMatte IV, DeMatte Chirporactic – Lehighton, PA

“All of my current questions are answered - we are filing and receiving payment for all of our claims - I would like to commend the entire CT crew as well as all of your trainers - I really thought this was going to be out of control - we followed everything step by step - and have had amazing results!!  Thanks for everything!”

  • Lori Robinson, Wards Corner Chiropractic – Norfolk, VA

“Love my gift from ChiroTouch today! ‘ICD-9 to ICD-10 Mapping Tool…Common Chiropractic Codes List’ I had a pretty good idea on the codes with their ICD-10 Wizard in the software and viewing Kathy Mills and John Davilla, D.C. Webinars, but this tool just made it so simple!!! Docs, don’t throw away that envelope from ChiroTouch or you will regret it!!”

  • Norbert Gallagher D.C., Gallagher Wellness Centre – Tulsa, OK –  via Facebook

"It may be a bit too early to tell, but the new #ICD10 integration with diagnosis pointing in our #EHR @ChiroTouch is going smoothly."

  • @BicycleChiro, Chiropractic First – Beaverton, OR – via Twitter

"We haven't had to call customer service w/ ICD-10 or @ChiroTouchquestions because we took the @StrategicDC intensive ICD-10 prep seminar."

  • @BicycleChiro, Chiropractic First – Beaverton, OR – via Twitter