ChiroTouch Launches Online Comprehensive ICD-10 Resource Page

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San Diego, CA – June 18, 2015  – ChiroTouch™, the nation’s leader in chiropractic software, recently launched a comprehensive and user-friendly ICD-10 resource page on its website to help its family of chiropractors prepare for the transition to ICD-10.
“The looming ICD-10 transition deadline has many in the healthcare industry nervous about how the new coding system will impact their practices,” said Robert Moberg, CEO of ChiroTouch.  “Naturally, our clients have turned to us for answers, which is why we created a page on our website solely dedicated to providing the information necessary for our clients to understand the complicated changes ahead and to make the transition with as little disruption as possible.”

ChiroTouch’s online comprehensive ICD-10 resource page contains the tools and resources chiropractors need to understand and implement the ICD-10 transition process, including a downloadable Readiness Calendar, testing guide, a list of ICD-10 seminars, webinars, and trainings events, whitepapers, and links to the latest in ICD-10 news.

In addition to these tools, ChiroTouch’s dedicated ICD-10 webpage has two interactive features: an ICD-10 Quiz for chiropractors to assess their readiness to transition, and the “ICD-10 Challenge” for chiropractors to test their knowledge about ICD-10 codes to see if they’re ready to integrate them into their practices.

“The goal of our comprehensive ICD-10 resource page is to make a complex topic more manageable so that our family of chiropractors can smoothly transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10,” added Moberg. “With our software wizards, ICD-9 to ICD-10 bridge, and dedicated staff, we offer the technology and training required to confidently transition with minimal revenue disruption.”