What You MUST Know to Grow Your Practice Using Social Media in 2015

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With Dr. Jason Deitch, AmpLIFEied
Recorded January 15th, 2015 View Recording

Jason-Deitch192x220This webinar will teach you how to use social networks and social media to grow your income and increase your impact with little to no financial investment. Dr. Jason Deitch, the chiropractic profession’s leading social media strategist, will apply his experience working with the profession's top colleges, vendors, and practicing chiropractors to teach you how to tame the social media beast and make Facebook your practice’s automatic new patient referral machine.

About Dr. Jason: Dr. Jason Deitch is passionate about helping chiropractors share the chiropractic story with people around the world for over twenty years. Dr. Jason is also a social media strategist and works with many chiropractic organizations, companies and leaders including Life University, International Chiropractors Association, California Chiropractic Association, The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress, Standard Process and more. He’s the national bestselling author of ‘Discover Wellness: How Staying Healthy Can Make You Rich.’ www.AmpLIFEied.com.