The Brutal Truth On What It Really Takes To Grow Your Practice Right Now!

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With Dr. Tory Robson, WINNERSCIRCLE
Recorded January 20th, 2015 View Recording

Tory-Robson-135x155Dr. Robson will cover what you must do to grow your practice in the next 3 months and beyond.
You’ll learn:

  • How your money handling may be strangling your growth—and how to fix it.
  • Why debt is the biggest practice-killer—and how to crush it.
  • Why some DCs plateau at the same volume for years.
  • Why any DC who says they “need” new patients is wrong.
  • What element of your practice is actually controlling everything else in your life.
  • Who in chiropractic is destined to become the richest.

Dr. Robson graduated from NWHSU in 1995. He has personally designed and owned five chiropractic practices and has applied his expertise to revamp countless other practices nationwide.

In response to industry demand, Dr. Robson created WINNERSEDGE Chiropractic Consulting to teach his innovative, time-tested systems. He has helped countless DCs all over the country start and grow their practices to the highest levels in the practice today.

Though Dr. Robson completes over 5000 coaching calls each year, guiding and inspiring chiropractors to serve their communities with excellence, he still practices out of his office in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. He is committed to helping DCs build the most efficient, credible, and successful practices in the world and enjoy greatness in all areas of life.