How NOT Being a Chiropractor Saved My Practice

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With Dr. Daniel Bai, Everest Coaching
Recorded October 7th, 2014 View Recording

Dr. Daniel BaiBeing a real chiropractor almost ruined me. You have all heard the cliché marketing terms when it comes to new patient acquisition and patient closing techniques, yet no one ever teaches you how to really speak the patient’s language.

Chiropractors deserve the limelight for the life-changing work we do, yet most of the public has a poor or nonexistent perception of our profession. We need to change this. Join Dr. Daniel Bai, co-creator of the infamous Everest BootCamps, for a raw, uncensored look at “How NOT To Be a Chiropractor.”

Learn how “the very thing you don’t want to be is the very thing that makes you everything you want to be.”