Tapping Into the 4G Network

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Dr. David Fletcher DC, FCCSS(C) Chairman & Chief Clinical Officer of CLA/CWA

With Dr. David Fletcher, Chairman and Chief Clinical Officer of CLA/CWA
Recorded September, 16th 2014 View Recording

Choose Family Wellness and never look back.

We all know that families form the foundation of our communities. In essence, we are all in family practices already. The key to loyalty, retention, and success is to learn the secrets of the 4G Network.

Dr. Fletcher will help you understand the scope of a 4G practice and share his experiences of using this model over the past three decades. You will learn how to position your message and use technologies to enroll entire families under your care.

Dr. David Fletcher, Chairman and Chief Clinical Officer of CLA/CWA, has been the face and voice of chiropractic practices in Pickering for over 20 years. Families, athletes, seniors, and children have come to rely on his trusted advice and gentle, thorough approach. He lectures throughout the global chiropractic community on the devastating effects of spinal nerve tension. Fletcher Chiropractic is widely known for its cutting-edge methods and positive results.