Keeping More of What You Make!

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With Garrett Gunderson, Freedom FastTrack
Recorded September 30th, 2014 View Webinar (teleseminar)

How to increase your spendable cash by $20,000 dollars per year without increasing your top line by a penny.Garrett will share ways to pay off debt faster, safely and legally save more in taxes, how to protect and unlock your trapped and under-performing retirement funds, and have more money to do what you want today without having work harder, hiring more people, or increasing your overhead.Learning Objectives

1. Recover Cash
a. Identify areas where money is leaking and give practical strategy and examples that you can implement within 24 hours after the event.
2. Build Wealth
a. Learn to reduce the exposure of your retirement plan and assets while simultaneously reducing the drag that slows down the growth of your investments.
3- Take Control Over Your Finances
a. Discover where you are handling your finances excellently AND where your finances are inefficient or need special attention as Garrett uncovers the indicators that expose future problems.

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*Please note this will be a teleclass, there will be no visual component to the webinar.