ChiroTouch and ClearGage Partner for Integrated Payment and Patient Financing Solutions

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San Diego, CA – August 19th, 2014 – ChiroTouch™, the premier provider of fully-certified, compliant practice management software for the chiropractic industry, and ClearGage, Inc., a leading provider of patient payment processing and financial services, have established a technology integration agreement to offer ClearGage’s suite of patient payment and financial solutions to ChiroTouch’s clients.

“With its higher patient co-pays, deductibles and limited benefits, we recognize the impact that consumer-directed healthcare and the Affordable Care Act is having on the financial health of our clients and the physical health of their patients,” says Robert Moberg, President and CEO of ChiroTouch. “We partnered with ClearGage to provide our clients with meaningful and ethical financial solutions that enable their patients to receive and pay for the care they need.”

“Given the number of chiropractors who use both ChiroTouch and ClearGage solutions, this partnership is a natural step,” says Chip Hunziker, CEO and Founder of ClearGage. “By enabling our two systems to ‘talk,’ we are creating enhanced value for our customers.”

ChiroTouch clients will have access to ClearGage’s integrated payment processing platform, which includes retail payments for co-pays, recurring and subscription payments for patient payment plans and patient-receivable financing.  ClearGage recently introduced a one-of-a-kind receivable purchase finance program that allows providers to get paid up -front while enabling patients to pay over time in amounts that fit within their budgets.

“For chiropractors, the leading cause for patients forgoing or abbreviating their prescribed treatment plan is the inability to pay for their care when services are needed,” says Hunziker. “ClearGage’s financing solutions make it possible for patients to get the care they need where and when they need it. Our receivable finance program is patient-friendly and most everyone will qualify regardless of their credit and there is no retroactive or punitive interest charged to the patient.  Chiropractors receive payment upfront versus waiting the 10 months it takes the typical patient to pay for their care, dramatically enhancing a provider’s cash flow and limiting their exposure to bad debt.”