Case Management Driven Documentation – Part 1

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With Kathy Mills Chang, MCS-P, KMC University
Recorded July 29th - View Webinar

Kathy-Mills-Chang-100x150Chiropractors often question whether they are doing the right things in the areas of documentation and compliance. One of the biggest missing elements in the holistic approach to documentation is the case management that is apparent when one reads the documentation. A third party reader, be it a payer, board member or other physician, ought to be able to “see” the doctor’s critical thinking about the management of the patient in the documentation. All too often missing, this important component can make or break documentation as a whole. This session will outline the steps necessary to ensure the case management shines through your documentation.

Learning Objectives/Program Goals:

  • Report the mechanics of moving a patient from the beginning of an episode of care, from initial history, through exam, diagnosis and treatment planning, through daily visits that tell the story of the patient’s progress.
  • Illustrate how proper case management meets Federal documentation requirements for Medicare and other third party payers, while documenting key components and milestones of “doctor thinking” activities.
  • Understand the difference between clinically appropriate care vs. medically necessary care while tracing forward the daily execution of your treatment plan for a cohesive account of the patient’s episodic journey.
  • Understand the difference between incidents, bursts and episodic care and knowing when one ends, another begins.
  • Understanding the transition between evaluation, management and treatment.