How to Make the Most of the 2014 Stimulus, Before It’s Too Late

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Recorded May 29th View Webinar
David Yaldezian,VP of sales with ChiroTouch

Penalty or Stimulus: You Decide!

As the penalty deadline nears, now is the time to make the decision about participating in the EHR stimulus program. With up to $24,000 in stimulus left out there—let’s dive into the facts and myths surrounding this program so you can make the right decision for your practice. With just a month before it’s too late, learn what you need to do to become successful with this program. Don’t pay for peace of mind, get paid for peace of mind!

  • Do you see 4 Medicare patients per week or more?
  • Do you know the penalty and stimulus levels?
  • Will you be prepared in time?

Join David Yaldezian, VP of Sales with ChiroTouch for the latest stimulus updates.