ChiroTouch to Host the “2014 Stimulus Program—What It Means to You” Webinar

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San Diego, CA – April 10th, 2014 – ChiroTouch™, the nation’s leader in chiropractic software, is pleased to announce the “2014 Stimulus Program—What It Means to You” webinar, which is scheduled to air live for one hour on April 17th, 2014, at 10:00am PST.

“Recent delays and changes have created quite a bit of confusion and apprehension about whether doctors are remaining compliant,” said Robert Moberg, President of ChiroTouch.  “This is why this particular webinar is so important – we know there are a lot of questions out there, and our goal with this webinar is to answer those questions so doctors can feel comfortable navigating this process.”

The first three months of 2014 have been filled with more regulatory changes, updates, and delays than any other year in recent memory. With the recent postponement of ICD-10s to 2015, now is the time to take a bird’s eye look at the other significant twists and turns inside of this year’s maze, and to get yourself prepared for what’s ahead.

There is only a short time left to avoid 2015 penalties for the EHR Stimulus program, so join this webinar to learn:

  • 2014 EHR Stimulus program updates and changes – what makes this year different?

  • Phase 1 or Phase 2, which is right for your office?

  • The exact steps you need to take in each phase of this program

  • This year’s urgent timelines that you need to know!

Other recent webinar topics include “Chiropractic and ICD-10: How to Make the Transition,” “Financial Tips That Can Improve Your Finances Now,” and “Most Proven Ways to Stay Excited about Practice.”  The ChiroTouch webinar programs and the attendees have benefited from speakers such as Dr. Miles Bodzin, Dr. Billy DeMoss, Dr. Brad Glowaki, Garrett Gunderson, Dr. Ron Oberstein, Dr. Eric Plasker, Rick Sapio, and many more.  This cross-section of the most influential and recognized coaches and speakers has made for a very robust and popular series of webinars.

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