Using Social Media to Grow Your Impact, Your Practice, and Our Profession

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AmpLIFEied is a landmark social media campaign designed to be a profession-wide initiative that brings chiropractic to what’s referred to by Malcolm Gladwell as the Tipping Point. Dr. Guy Riekeman, President of Life University, was the first to announce Life’s involvement and support of this new program. Dr. Riekeman explains that our profession can be using social media on a daily basis with a coordinated strategy so that collectively we can be reaching over one hundred million people with the chiropractic story, every day for free.

To many, it sounds too good to be true, but the feedback from chiropractors who have already signed up and are using the free campaign is that the experience has been amazing so far. Many chiropractors have said this is a finally a plan that makes sense and is a very achievable.

How do we reach over one hundred million people with the chiropractic message every day for free?

It’s really very simple. Imagine that twenty thousand chiropractors join the free AmpLIFEied network over the next two years and each chiropractor is able to build a local network of at least one thousand people who like their Facebook page or other social channel. Let’s assume only five people out of one thousand shares one of your chiropractic posts. In time we can be reaching over one hundred million people with the chiropractic message every day for free.

What’s great is that not only does this campaign elevate the entire profession but it also has the potential to build each and every participating chiropractor’s practice all along the way. More and more people look to their ‘friends’ on Facebook for advice and referrals to local resources, including chiropractors. It’s not uncommon to see a mother post on Facebook a question asking “Who has a chiropractor they recommend?”

But what’s even better is posting great content to your practice’s Facebook page proactively and inspiring your patients to engage with your practice’s page. Then their friends automatically learn about you and learn something. That’s called a referral and potential new client.

What would your practice be like if new people were learning about you and your practice from their friends on Facebook, everyday? It’s possible with a little effort and the right strategy. Simply share AmpLIFEied’s free, easy-to-access great chiropractic content with your local social network with one click of your mouse. It’s never been easier to share chiropractic with your community.

AmpLIFEied is your new single source for great chiropractic social media content that can appear on your Facebook profile, Facebook page, Twitter, blog, Google +, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and more.

Got something to say? Share it with other AmpLIFEiers, so they can share it with millions of others. For those who are passionate about sharing the chiropractic story, there’s even a points leaderboard that tracks who is creating and sharing the most chiropractic content with their community. It’s going to be interesting to see who the loudest chiropractic AmpLIFEier is going to be.

Life University is creating a 26-episode video series called Kid Natural about a charismatic kid who humorously shares the natural approach to health. Other content contributors, supporters, and sponsors include the International Chiropractors Association, California Chiropractors Association, International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, Action Potential Holdings, Standard Process and Dr. Eric Plasker, bestselling author of The 100 Year Lifestyle. It’s a rapidly growing group of leaders, organizations, associations, colleges, and companies who are all committed to sharing the chiropractic story worldwide.

AmpLIFEied is a technology that can help transform chiropractic from an innovative idea to an unstoppable phenomenon. All it takes now is participation. Learn more and become an AmpLIFEier today at

If you already are an AmpLIFEier, then please take the next step and invite your chiropractic colleagues to join the chiropractic social network dedicated to changing the world for the better. Who will be the loudest chiropractic AmpLIFEier?

About the Author:

Dr. Jason Deitch has been passionate about helping chiropractors share the chiropractic story with people around the world for over twenty years. Dr. Jason is also a social media strategist and works with many chiropractic organizations, companies and leaders including Life University, International Chiropractors Association, California Chiropractic Association, The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress, Standard Process and more. He’s the national bestselling author of ‘Discover Wellness: How Staying Healthy Can Make You Rich.’