ChiroTouch to Host “Explode Your Market Reach and Patient Referrals Through Sleep Wellness” Webinar

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San Diego, CA – December 12th, 2013 – ChiroTouch™, the nation’s leader in chiropractic software, and Dr. Jason Lord, a recognized industry leader in helping thousands of practices achieve phenomenal growth, are pleased to announce “Explode Your Market Reach and Patient Referrals Through Sleep Wellness” webinar, which is scheduled to air live for one hour on Tuesday, January 7th, 2014, at 10:00am PST.“Millions of Americans suffer from back pain, headaches, and other issues related to lack of properly supported sleep,” said Robert Moberg, President of ChiroTouch. “We’re pleased to be hosting Dr. Lord’s webinar on how practices and patients can both benefit when chiropractors learn and can share the truth about the harmful effects today’s mattresses can have on the body – and what they as doctors can advise their patients to do about it.”

Today’s practice environment is tougher than ever:  Chiropractors are having to deal with everything from Obamacare and ICD-10 to ARRA penalties and increased audits. Therefore, creating additional solid revenue streams is critical in the effort to build an enduring, successful practice.

Take twenty minutes as Dr. Jason Lord walks you through a vital component of patient health that has – until now – gone largely ignored by the chiropractic community:  The sleep surface on which your patients spend one-third of their lives.  Dr. Lord will illustrate why the mattress your patients are sleeping on cannot only be the cause of their back pain, but can ultimately undo the adjustments you’re performing.  Addressing this issue is one of the easiest-to-implement revenue generators for any practice as it requires little change in habit for the patient and little effort on the part of your practice.

In this webinar you will learn:

*   The truth behind the harmful materials used by major mattress retailers

*   Why your patient’s mattress may be enemy number one to deep, properly-supported sleep

*   The easiest way to implement mattress recommendations into your practice and create a significant revenue stream without selling anything

*   How to increase patient visits and referrals by helping your patients achieve deep sleep

*   The right question to ask mattress manufacturers when determining a sleep-wellness partner for your practice

Every single patient sleeps – but statistics show that nearly one-third of your patients are suffering from a lack of sleep quality and have no idea it may be caused by their sleep surface. Join this webinar and see why chiropractors are quickly becoming the go-to professional when it comes to answering this question: “Doctor, which mattress do you recommend?”

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