Maximize Your 2013 Tax Breaks for Your Office!

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Recorded, 12/05/2013 View Recording
Bankers Leasing Logo CT Academy will be hosting Diane Williams, Vice President & Controller of Bankers Leasing, and David Yaldezian, VP of Sales for ChiroTouch to focus on 2013 Tax Strategies to maximize your tax savings.

  • Find out the details of Section 179 and how it applies to you
  • Discover how much money you are truly going to save THIS YEAR with new tax laws
  • Hear how to write off the cost of your hardware and software
  • Identify some of the advantages of THIS YEAR'S TAX BREAKS
  • Learn strategies to maximize the tax laws for your office
  • Discover the true cost of adding ChiroTouch to your practice
  • Learn about the tax benefits of owning vs renting