Turn Facebook into Your Automatic New Patient Referral Machine

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I’ve found there are typically three types of responses from chiropractors when I teach them how to use Facebook to grow their impact and their practice.

1. “I don’t like Facebook. I don’t get it and have no interest in reading about what people ate for breakfast this morning.”
2. “I know Facebook is important; I just have no idea how to use it to get results."
3. “I LOVE Facebook. I can’t believe how easy and inexpensive it is to use. I’m attracting more and more new patients who learn about us from their friends on Facebook. It’s awesome.”

Whether you like Facebook or not isn’t the question. You might not like telemarketing, spinal screenings, direct mail, advertising, public speaking, schmoozing at parties, and a bunch of other things. But whether you like it or not, you are in the business of sharing your message with as many people as possible. Don’t fret—everyone’s in that business. Sharing your message with your community is not optional if you want to succeed.

Big Picture

Let’s start at the proverbial 30k-foot perspective and then move into answering the question of the day. Think of Facebook as a telephone and amplifier combined, a communication power tool that allows you to build an audience and stay connected with them over time.

Imagine you have a phone line that’s on 24/7/365 that millions of people are listening in on, and the more effort you invest in sharing your message on the line the more people are inspired to listen to you. Two important points will determine your success:

1. Are you able to share ‘why’ you do what you do in a simple way that appeals to your target audience?
2. Are you focused on sharing your story with as many people as you can as often as you can?

How you do it

There are three steps to successfully building your automatic new patient referral machine on Facebook.

1. Proper set up and optimization. It may seem obvious, but most chiropractors are not set up on Facebook correctly. Make sure your practice is set up as a page that accumulates ‘Likes.’ If your practice is set up on Facebook and it’s accumulating ‘friends’, you’re not doing it right.

Facebook Page Optimization means you invest in professionally branding your Page like you would your website. Simply put, a basic free Facebook Page is not optimized to put your best face forward and is not optimized for functionality such as inspiring people to click ‘like’ and offering more information and patient education in exchange for their email address otherwise known as lead generation.

2. Content posting strategy. Once your Page is set up and optimized, your next step is to answer the questions: Who posts? What information? How often? I teach that there are three types of posts: topic posts, office posts, and doctor’s posts. The key is to create great visually engaging content and share it with your audience everyday. You must have a content posting strategy you and your team can sustain. It’s recommended that you post something great at least once per day.

3. Facebook Page Promotion. Until your Facebook Page is optimized and you have something great being posted to your Facebook Page everyday, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to focus on promoting your Page first. But that’s exactly what most chiropractors do, and in a short period of time they complain that Facebook doesn’t work. It doesn’t work if you try to do it that way. The key to getting people to go to your Facebook Page, click the ‘Like’ button, and ‘share’ you with their social network is to make sure you have something interesting and compelling for them to want to go to your Page to see and engage with.

How will this bring you more new patients?

Think of social media marketing as a two-step process. First you want to focus on having a Facebook Page that looks great and posts great stuff every day. Next, you want to encourage people to visit your Facebook Page and share it with their friends. In time, the people in your practice who visit your Page and engage with you on it will create an echo effect with their friends, who will discover you, engage with your great content, and, in time, come in to see you.

Want to self-insure your future success? Build a following of people on Facebook who believe what you believe about natural health and healing, and you’ll have a constantly growing group of people referring to you and your practice. When you do it right, Facebook can become your automatic new patient referral machine.

About the author:

Dr. Jason Deitch is a chiropractor and co-founder of Chiro Social Media Academy, the world’s best 7-day Free Facebook training for Chiropractors (www.ChiroSocialMediaAcademy.com) a joint venture project with Dr. Guy Riekeman and Life University. Dr. Deitch and Life University also co-created Chiro Posting Service, a do-it-for-you daily posting service for chiropractors. Register for a free 14-day trial at www.ChiroPostingService.com.

Dr. Deitch is a social media strategist for the chiropractic profession, working with Life University, the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress, and the California Chiropractic Association, and is the Social Media Advisor for the ICA.

Dr. Deitch is founder of the chiropractic profession’s most successful social media awareness campaign to date. Become an AmpLIFEier at: www.AmpLIFEied.com