ChiroTouch to Host “Traumatic Brain Injury in Personal Injury Cases” Webinar with Dr. Jonathan Walker

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San Diego, CA – August 8th, 2013 – ChiroTouch™, the nation’s leader in chiropractic software, and Jonathan Walker are pleased to announce the “Traumatic Brain Injury in Personal Injury Cases” webinar, which is scheduled to air live for one hour on August 15th, 2013, at 10:00am PST.“Creating or expanding a personal injury practice requires specific tools and information,” said Robert Moberg, President of ChiroTouch.  “We’re thrilled that Dr. Walker will be sharing his vast knowledge and expertise in this stimulating webinar.”

Join Dr. Jonathan Walker, president of PI Marketing Elite and full-time practicing chiropractor, in this information-packed webinar. Learn how to expand your personal injury business with mild traumatic brain injury diagnosis and documentation.

If you want to expand personal injury in your practice, then you must be on the cutting edge with the latest clinical tools to document spinal ligament injury and mild traumatic brain injury.

 In this webinar, you will learn:

   *  How to quickly and easily document TBI symptoms...without spending all day doing it

   *  The most “bleeding-edge” diagnostics that show evidence of brain injury missed by normal MRI and CTs

   *  How to properly code TBI so it is recognized by Colossus and claims adjusting software programs

   *  An “orthopedic brain injury” that is probably the most under-diagnosed problem following car accidents

   *  How to effectively communicate these concepts with MDs and PI attorneys

Dr. Walker explains, “Teaching other doctors how to replicate this success is a passion of mine, and a large part of what drives PI Marketing Elite. My professional mission statement as it relates to PI Marketing Elite is simply this: To best equip and position doctors of chiropractic to care for more people in their communities that have been injured in auto accidents.”

Other recent webinar topics include “Art of the Close,” “Building Value in Your Practice and Equity in Your Business,” and “HITECH Stimulus Act Updates.”  The ChiroTouch webinar programs and the attendees have benefited from speakers such as Dr. Patrick Gentempo, Dr. Bob Hoffman, Dr. Eric Plasker, Dr. Ron Oberstein, Dr. Mark Ott, Stanley Greenfield, and many more.  This cross-section of the most influential and recognized coaches and speakers has made for a very robust and popular series of webinars.

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