EHR Stimulus: Why Moving Now Matters

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Recorded 7/25/2013 View Webinar

The EHR Stimulus payout will soon drop by $15,000.00! Learn how easy it really is to get your EHR stimulus check in the full amount of $39,000.00!*


Don’t lose $15,000.00! Watch our webinar and:

  • Learn what steps you can take to qualify for your EHR Stimulus funds
  • Learn what your EHR system needs to provide
  • Hear from chiropractors who have already attested and received their funds
  • Get the latest developments on the EHR Stimulus Program

Thousands of chiropractors have received their five-figure checks from the EHR Stimulus Program - And more chiropractors have received their funds using ChiroTouch than any other software solution in chiropractic!*Maximum payouts based on current ARRA EHR Stimulus Program