May Money Tip

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To be as productive as possible, it is essential to be crystal clear about what your business is specifically designed to do, and who you are ideally positioned to serve. This means identifying your best existing patients and figuring out who they really are as people.

If you can understand their age group, gender, education level, hobbies, what books they read, where they hang out, how much money they make, etc. then you can make it a point to go out and find more people who are just like your best patients.

To do this, make a conscious choice to determine who your existing "Ideal Patients" are, and build a relationship with them. Have patient appreciation dinners, meet them for a drink, or share experiences with them. Let them become more than just clients or patients—build a relationship.

In this process, you will not only learn how to serve them better, but you'll understand how to attract more people just like them. This leads to a clinic full of patients that you love to see and who love to come see you. Once this happens, the profits are an inevitable result of serving those that appreciate your value the most.

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