ChiroTouch to Host “Why Chiropractors Hate the Business Side, and What to Do about It” Webinar with Rick Sapio

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San Diego, CA – February 25th, 2013 – ChiroTouch™, the nation’s leader in chiropractic software, and Rick Sapio are pleased to announce “Why Chiropractors Hate the Business Side, and What to Do about It” webinar, which is scheduled to air live for one hour on February 28th, 2013, at 10:00am PST.“Maintaining a healthy, thriving practice leads to serving patients' needs more completely,” said Robert Moberg, President of ChiroTouch.  “Backed by years of experience, Mr. Sapio has a wealth of information guaranteed to inspire any doctor to take the necessary steps to achieve this goal.”

Join Rick Sapio, lifelong entrepreneur, as he discusses how toleration can be destructive to a business and to one’s personal life. In this webinar, we will teach you how consciously and unconsciously tolerating things may be holding you and your business back. We will help you see past those things that you have been tolerating but which are not serving you anymore. This will add leverage and power to your business and personal life.

Rick Sapio founded Chiro Business Finishing School in 2010, at the urging of Dr. Gentempo. This business enables him to live his life’s purpose, which is to inspire entrepreneurship, while also allowing him to manifest his Catalyzing Statement, which is “A successful entrepreneur in every home.”

At the age of 30, Rick founded a holding company, which has made more than 50 investments in the past 18 years. His firm invests in private companies, public companies, start-ups, and real estate. It currently has more than 35 holdings, which include publicly-traded mutual funds, private funds, 11 start-ups, real estate, and distressed loans. His firm is also an active investor in 10 health care and medical device companies.

Other recent webinar topics include “Art of the Close,” “Building Value in Your Practice and Equity in Your Business,” and “HITECH Stimulus Act Updates.”  The ChiroTouch webinar programs and the attendees have benefited from speakers such as Dr. Patrick Gentempo, Dr. Bob Hoffman, Dr. Eric Plasker, Dr. Ron Oberstein, Dr. Mark Ott, Stanley Greenfield, and many more.  This cross-section of the most influential and recognized coaches and speakers has made for a very robust and popular series of webinars.

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