Own the Principle

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The direct and piercing truth is that all the gadgets, all the marketing, all the office procedures, hand-outs, fancy offices, and management companies you work with will all fail to bring you true success unless you own the principle of chiropractic. If the big idea has not resonated in the deepest part of your thoughts and every fiber of your being, then you’re just going through the motions and working your way through until the weekend, or even worse—retirement. The saddest part of not owning the principle are the lives unchanged or the babies lost to ignorance or fear, as too many chiropractors carry the DC but never tell the story.

I have heard many reasons for not telling the story or sharing the principle over the past 20 plus years from friends, colleagues, presidents of chiropractic colleges and clients, but if we are to rise up from mediocrity, then we need to find a way rather than excuses.

What stops many of us from telling the story is the fear of rejection, fear of not being accepted, standing out in the cold among so few. Maybe it’s being laughed at or not handling the confrontation well when being challenged. So you go to work and start off Monday morning with the idea to make a difference, and by Thursday you are watching the clock as it inches its way through the day until 6pm. Here is the hard truth: when you tell the story, some patients will laugh, some will reject you, and some will tell you what you want to hear just to get a few adjustments. Some patients will get mad and yell, and some patients will take advantage of you never to return. The fact is, as you practice over the years, you will make mistakes at times, you will make some dumb decisions, and you will probably make a fool of yourself more than once. The best part is that’s as bad as it gets!

What too many of you don’t realize is you’re just one conversation away from helping the mother with her child, or the old man with Parkinson’s, or the man with ulcerative colitis, or the baby who will die without your care. Do you even realize how many lives you are capable of saving with what you know how to do? It’s not that I’m never afraid or scared at times, but it’s owning the principle that always gets me through. A great teacher in college once told me that when a person calls a chiropractor for help, they want something different, so don't disappoint them.

Listen, your success as a chiropractor and the true success of the lives you touch will be measured by your ownership of the big idea! There is chiropractic subluxation research to support improvement in heart rate variability, lowering blood pressure, improving immune function, brain and nerve efficiency, and DNA repair!

This is awesome, life-changing knowledge, and yet too many chiropractors and colleges want to limit what we do as back and neck pain treatment.

Rule number one: you never treat anyone. You care for them now and for the rest of their lives.

Rule number two: start telling every patient about the Harvey Lillard story so they can start to understand that something amazing and wonderful is happening to their nervous system when you adjust them each and every time.

Rule number three: go out and buy a framed picture of DD Palmer, BJ Palmer, and Harvey Lillard and hang them up so patients start asking you who they are, giving you just another opportunity to tell the story. Tell every patient the philosophy of chiropractic and wrap it in science with pictures of functional MRIs and DNA and blood pressure cuffs so their minds are nourished with the principle.

Like I said, know that not every patient is going to get it. Even after Christopher Columbus came home with proof of his voyage, most people still believed the earth to be flat. When challenged, Columbus stared into the face of fear, rejection, ridicule, and imprisonment and stood on truth regardless of the consequences. Remember, having courage doesn’t mean you’re not afraid. In fact, it’s just the opposite—it means you’re plenty afraid, but you still chose to act in spite of it!

Chiropractic needs you to be courageous if we are ever to grow. We have been on the defense for so long, scared and constantly healing from all the battles, foreign and domestic. Yet here we are! The hard work is behind us. You can open a practice anywhere in the country and hang up a sign and offer a life of service without the fear of going to jail or having to march the streets of the state capitol to serve. Be honored for those that paid the price for all of us, draw strength from their courage, and know that what you do everyday makes a difference. Own the principle, because it is the true philosophy of wellness and healing.

Dr. Joe Borio