ChiroTouch Helps You Choose the Right Chiropractic Management Software for Your Practice

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To help you get the best fit for your office, choosing the right chiropractic management software requires moving beyond price tags to a thorough evaluation of what each software package has to offer. The right solution for a multi-location clinic may not work for a small, private practice, and vice versa. Learn what you need to ask and determine what you need to know so that you end up with optimal flexibility without extra effort.

Understanding the Price

If you compare two or more chiropractic management software packages without first determining what is included in the price, you may be shocked by the difference in prices, and then find those costs start piling up after the purchase. Be sure to ask the sales representative what is included in the price he or she is quoting you. If one company includes the cost of click-by-click one-on-one training while another considers this an additional cost, you may not be buying the same value per penny. Be sure you know what you're paying for.

Decide What Extras You Do—and Don't—Need

Depending upon the size of your office, the types of service you offer and myriad other variables, you may not need some of the extras that some chiropractic management software solutions offer. While some programs sound great during the sales pitch, be sure you really need what they're offering. If you have a staff of three or four people in one location, you aren't likely to need any features for managing multiple offices in more than one state, and a scalable solution is preferable.

Look for Training and Support

Will the company provide personalized training and support for your staff if you purchase their software? ChiroTouch offers complete hands-on training, including videos, so that your office staff can quickly learn how to use the system. Some companies offer this level of training at an additional cost. You should also keep in mind that at some point, you'll inevitably run into a small problem or a question that needs answered. The purchase price of ChiroTouch includes one-on-one live training, and offers online and telephone support with your own personal account manager who will be your constant source of advice and suggestions to help you optimize your practice management software.

Investing in the Bare Bones

There are a few features that every good chiropractic management software package should have, including:

  • Easily customizable chart notes
  • Forms for insurance, outcome assessments, and other practice management documents
  • Electronic health records management
  • Intuitive scheduling
  • Billing and electronic reports

If any of these features are missing, the software solution you're being pitched might not be the best solution for your chiropractic practice. Take the time to talk to a representative of ChiroTouch to see how we can help you get the management system you deserve.

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