Paperless Chiropractic Offices Minimize Security Risks and Maximize Employee Efficiency (or WHY Should We Go Paperless?)

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paperless chiropractic office management softwareGetting bogged down in paperwork is a genuine concern for chiropractic offices, especially when patient files or billing records can be misplaced, misfiled or lost. Endlessly filling out forms and patient notes by hand is tedious and inefficient. The solution is a paperless chiropractic office management software package that lets you rest easy, knowing every file is in its proper place and properly secured.

Reduce the Need for Clerical Support While Improving Efficiency

Intuitive forms make it easy for every practitioner to fill out detailed progress notes and stay in compliance with industry standard practices while reducing the need for extraneous clerical staff. It's never been this easy for chiropractors to fill out preloaded forms or customize your own. You'll never again have to ask if you're caught up on your patient records data entry.

No More Indecipherable Progress Notes or Memos

There seems to be one health care professional in every office with illegible handwriting. It's so common that it's become a cliché, but it can have serious consequences. With ChiroTouch's paperless office, you'll never have to guess at what patient instructions or progress notes say. All patient records are easy to read and organized for easy retrieval, saving your patients and insurance providers from trying to figure out hand-written notes that could be interpreted incorrectly.

ChiroTouch's Paperless Office Solution Saves You Money and Time

The cost of office supplies is skyrocketing, but you can minimize the pinch when you switch to a paperless office. You'll never have to re-order forms or do without them when your order doesn't arrive in time. Software updates with ChiroTouch eliminate the need to create new forms every time there is a policy change or new regulatory guidelines. The forms you need are available at the click of a mouse.

Patient Records Can't Get Into the Wrong Hands

When you have manila file folders with patient records bursting at the seams, it's easy to misplace a few documents or misfile vital information. The specter of a file being left out where anybody could get access to it is always in the back of your mind when you're managing a chiropractic office with multiple employees and a heavy patient load. With ChiroTouch practice management software, you'll never have to worry whether unauthorized individuals saw patient records.

The advantages of a paperless chiropractic office are obvious. For many offices, our software solutions pay for themselves in just a few years. If you're interested in how our practice management software and electronic forms can create a stream-lined, paperless office for you, call us today or fill out our contact form for a free demonstration.

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