Going Paperless with ChiroTouch: A Seamless Transition for Your Chiropractic Office (or HOW Do We Go Paperless?)

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(Part 2 in a 2 part series)

The government and many medical agencies are strongly urging the movement to a paperless office environment for chiropractic and other medical and healthcare offices. Does your current chiropractic management software have everything you need for the transition to a paperless system?

The Importance of Going Paperless

There are countless ways that chiropractic offices and their employees can make minor mistakes when filling out paperwork by hand in accordance with HIPAA compliance, the HITECH Act or patient data regulations. Once those mistakes are made, they can't be undone. But ChiroTouch has a solid software platform specifically designed to make proper completion of forms effortless, freeing you from any concerns about patient confidentiality.

The Right Training Eases the Transition

We could tell you that all you have to do is load the ChiroTouch system on your computer network and start using it, but we offer much more than just a software application. Although our system is extremely intuitive and can be learned quickly, we give you complete customer service and technical support during the transition, including the right training so that your employees will be comfortable and confident every step of the way.

Data Conversion Solutions

A professional installation representative will work with your staff to transfer all your current demographic data into the ChiroTouch system so that you don't have to start at square one, alone.

Ongoing Support

We won't install ChiroTouch, train your employees, then walk away, never to be heard of again. That's not how we do business. Our online technical support is available around the clock whenever you have questions or concerns. We're also proud of MyChiroTouch, our community of doctors and healthcare staff who offer best practices guidance. You'll also find video tutorials, webinars and fascinating articles that will make the transition to a paperless office a snap.

It's never been so easy to go paperless, and we'll be with you every step of the way. Call today or email us for a free demo.

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