Don’t Let a Malpractice Suit Destroy Your Chiropractic Practice: The Right Management Software Can Protect You in Court

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Chiropractic management softwareMore medical malpractice lawsuits are filed in this country every year, and chiropractors certainly aren't immune to them. Despite your best efforts, there are some patients who will be dissatisfied with their care and may file suit against you. You may also be the unfortunate focus of an investigation for anything from Medicare fraud to claims of improper treatment. Chiropractic management software carefully tracks all of your patient information and can produce clear documentation of their care. In the event of an audit or lawsuit, you'll have detailed documentation available to defend your chiropractic practice—and your employees.

Document Medically Appropriate Treatment

Chiropractic patient care can be incredibly complex with a long road to recovery. The right chiropractic scheduling software can help you schedule each patient's appointments for the fastest, more efficient path to pain relief and recovery and clearly document their progress. Automatic reminders and confirmation of patient appointments can reduce patient non-compliance and produce electronic records that document appropriate treatment protocols, which can be vital in forming a strong defense against unfounded claims.

Provide an Accurate Timeline of Treatment

Chiropractic management software that documents each patient's appointments and records their progress over time can prove how often a patient visited your clinic, what treatments were used, and whether they appeared to be doing any recommended at-home treatments that were provided by you or your staff. Detailed patient notes can record patient non-compliance and other issues as documented defense against a claim of malpractice.

Confirm Compliance with Industry Standards and HIPAA

It's easy to conform to standard chiropractic industry standards with our electronic health records (EHR) software. You can also add state requirements by adding new Microsoft templates, giving you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you'll always have documented proof of compliance in the detailed records of each of your patients.

If you're ever at the mercy of a malpractice lawsuit or audit, the safety, security, and HIPAA compliance of ChiroTouch chiropractic management software can provide all of the necessary documentation to defend yourself. Detailed reports, records of patient-specific care, notes on patient progress and proper billing documents can all provide you with proof of satisfactory treatment and appropriate invoicing practices.

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