Chiropractic Scheduling Software Can Improve Practice Efficiency And Patient Outcomes

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Patient scheduling in a chiropractor's office can be extremely complex, particularly when a chiropractic clinic has multiple employees offering a variety of treatment options and a number of patients who require more than one treatment. Coping with patient flow can be difficult for a number of reasons, but ChiroTouch chiropractic management software includes a reliable scheduling

package that can streamline patient flow and improve billable hours for a more successful practice.

How the Right Chiropractic Scheduling Software Improves Performance 

Every patient needs the right treatment protocols at the correct intervals for the maximum chance of recovery and pain relief, but time constraints, other commitments and lack of structure can sabotage your clinic's efforts to keep patients on an effective treatment path. A practice management software program that's tailored specifically to chiropractic practices can alleviate these issues by allowing you to:

  • Schedule recurring appointments and post them in each chiropractor's individual schedule
  • Automatically generate reminders via email, traditional mail or phone to confirm patient appointments, minimizing no-shows and keeping patients on track for a full recovery
  • Create reminders for your employees that outline which patients need to be scheduled for additional sessions
  • Improve daily patient flow for a more productive practice by streamlining check-in and follow-up while reducing patient overlap
  • Ensure patient compliance and proper use of individual patient health insurance coverage for better patient outcomes and increased referrals
  • Keep your office running smoothly with room occupancy management tools, fast and easy check-out and seamless processing of payments
  • Accept walk-ins and make last-minute scheduling adjustments to accommodate a variety of patient needs

Personalized Chiropractic Care with Customizable Scheduling Software

Part of any successful chiropractor's practice is his or her attention to the individual patients and their needs. With ChiroTouch, you'll always be able to access individual patient records in order to determine insurance limits, track patient progress and keep in touch as they progress through their treatment plan. With ChiroTouch, the personal touch is built in.