Can Automated Billing Software Reduce Management Stress For Chiropractors?

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Chiropractic management softwareManaging a chiropractic practice is stressful on a number of levels, but billing is often one of the most stressful issues chiropractic office managers face, particularly since ongoing billing is critical to the success of the practice. The right billing software, tailored specifically to the needs of chiropractors, can relieve the burden of coping with improper billing codes, missed treatment documentation, and incorrect insurance claims.

Minimize Billing Errors

One of the most common billing mistakes made in any chiropractic practice is improper coding. There are hundreds of possible codes for procedures and it can take years to learn them all. It's easy to make an error when typing and some codes seem to overlap, leading to incorrectly coded procedures. And the more hands that each patient chart passes through, the more likely an error is to occur. Any time there is a mistake, health insurance providers and government agencies such as Medicare will kick the invoice back, adding costly weeks to the payment cycle. Chiropractic management software can help you streamline the tedious coding process and give your biller a leg up on their paperwork.

Reduce Chiropractic Office Paperwork

Nobody likes filling out the volumes of paperwork needed for insurance billing, but a good practice management software program can dramatically reduce the amount of paperwork by either using electronic forms or filling in HCFA paperwork for you. You'll quickly realize how simple and effective it is to let your computer do the hard work for you. A good new billing system offers your staff more time to interact with your patients and focus on generating referrals instead of leaving you cooped up behind your desk, struggling to complete your billing. You can also use a comprehensive practice management system to help you track, maintain, and order your in-office inventory, create HIPAA-compliant chart notes, and give yourself a hands-free method of checking in clients.

Tailor a Software Solution to Your Chiropractic Practice

Chiropractic management programs designed specifically for the needs of a chiropractor's office offer flexible billing options such as:

  • Patient copayment reminders
  • Monthly patient statements
  • Patient care packages, fee schedules, and hot buttons
  • Electronic billing options
  • Effortless HIPAA compliance

Keeping your office current with the appropriate practice management software will streamline your office work and minimize problems resulting from simple human error. It will also make invoicing a simple task that can easily be handled by your staff without the usual dread that comes with end-of-month billing handled manually. Having a happier staff with more time to do other things such as patient interaction and client referral requests may be the most important result you'll get when you invest in ChiroTouch's practice management software.