The Ultimate BE™

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We hear it all the time in chiropractic: Be. Do. Have.

Your BE, or who you are, will determine how well you do what you do. Your BE has a major effect on the results that you create. Working on your BE is an important part of enjoying a great practice and a great life. In this newsletter we will provide you with a few tips to get started on becoming the ultimate BE. We will get into the subject in detail during our upcoming CT Academy webinar on July 12th.

Personal BE

Your personal BE consists of your attitude, your philosophy, your habits, your choices, and your energy. There are steps that you can and should be taking every day to ensure that you are being the best BE you can be. Without intentionally doing it, you can hold yourself back from personal greatness if you ease up on pressing forward and setting new goals. You might go day after day feeling as if you have taken two steps forward and three steps back, not knowing why. If you are training regularly, refining your personal skills, eating healthy, exercising, gaining clarity on your values and living based on your values, you will free yourself to explore other areas in which you can improve your Personal BE.

Practice BE

How is your practice BE? Is it up to date or out of date? Do you have an umbrella vision that attracts the masses or are you a personality-based midget in a world of health care giants? Is your practice benefits-oriented and does it speak to the hearts and minds of people?

From the name of your practice to the way you package your care, everything should match! Your branding, marketing, website, newsletters, patient education system, and conversations need to be brought up to speed with the times, relevant and congruent. It is not enough just to have a website. Take a look at your website and ask yourself if it really represents what you are doing in your practice. Does the appearance of your website match what is seen in your practice? Are the services listed on your website really what is being offered in your practice? Does your staff know what your website is promising the public?
The ultimate BE is when everything is aligned. One of the most ineffective questions people ask on their website is, “What is chiropractic?” or “What is wellness?” then they proceed to define it for the consumer. People already think they know what they want out of wellness. The problem with this is that there are hundreds of definitions for wellness and chiropractic. You just took your uniqueness and mixed it in with a mess.

Congruency is a journey. Too many doctors spend money on marketing that is not aligned with their personal and practice purpose and wonder why they struggle. I recently spoke to a DC who is spending $1,500.00 a month on Search Engine Optimization. He is becoming very frustrated as he sees his Google position climbing and his practice staying the same. All of your actions should bring you to the ultimate BE. Your practice must be congruent with the messaging the public is receiving before they come in for their first appointment and when they contact your office and speak to someone on your team for the first time.

We are in a 117-year-old profession, and we have been asking “What is chiropractic?” for a century. Based on our overall results, we should take a different approach. Explaining what it is only provides half of the necessary information for someone to be ready to commit to care. When you go to Verizon’s website, they do not ask, “What is telecommunications?” They plug you into the benefits of being a customer. They take you into their world; they invite you in, and they work to keep you there through great service. The same is true with Apple and other innovative companies and organizations. The ultimate BE is about being a thought leader and a service provider who is leading in the community with congruency and consistency in all you do, where everything builds on everything without any holes.

Ultimate BE

You will get to the ultimate BE when you attain complete congruency between your personal goals and your practice goals. Your office philosophy, staff procedures, community policies, and marketing environment will all align. Everything will become streamlined and easier. This is when half as much work creates double the results.

Here’s another factor that is essential to success: your practice must be up to date and relevant. In the mainstream population, no one looks at someone in surprise when they announce they are going to get their flu shot. The ultimate BE has been achieved when people line up for chiropractic care the way they used to line up for a flu shot and they’ve brought people with them to the appointment.

Think about the “BE” of a flu shot delivery person. They are like the gas station attendant of medicine. Do you believe they are passionate about delivering the flu shot or just glad to have a job? Do people who go for their flu shot care if the attendant is passionate about their job? No, of course not. They have already been “educated” to the point of believing the shot is important so they just want the shot. What makes the flu shot system so impactful even though it is a lie? The package is extraordinary. They use pseudo-science and relevant, strong marketing and the numbers of people that line up for shots keeps climbing.

What if chiropractic was packaged in a way that, because the ultimate BE was delivering the service with purpose and passion, the message delivered before the first visit was relevant and hit home without using scare care tactics? What if chiropractic practices around the world reported that people were lining up for care and bringing others with them?

This is what chiropractic is about. We, as Doctors of Chiropractic, have a collective goal to help people in every community live their best life every day of their life. When your personal BE is at its best and your Practice BE is aligned, you will become the Ultimate BE and your community will be drawn to you as their primary care provider and health care leader.
Get ready to be a much busier “BE.”

Dr. Eric Plasker ran two highly successful practices in Georgia for 25 years before launching The Family Practice, Inc., a mission-driven training company that is helping chiropractors around the world help more people while reaching their full potential in practice and life. The Family Practice is helping doctors build the most successful lifetime family wellness practices in the world. To contact Dr. Eric Plasker by email -