The Vision & Future of Chiropractic

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All young chiropractors that graduate have fire in their bellies and zeal in their hearts.  They want to set the world on fire and make that change and shift in man’s thoughts toward natural health and healing that will alter healthcare forever.

My reality is still the same.  It includes the preface of the vision for our profession.  Making the adjustment the “gold standard” for spinal subluxation.  Bringing philosophy back into the forefront of chiropractic and understanding the why behind it.

We have been pushed around and bullied far too long in healthcare not to stand up and be counted as primary specialized providers for the detection and correction of spinal subluxation.

We forget the importance and seriousness of the care we provide our patients.  If you take this for granted, how do we expect the patient to understand the importance and seriousness of the services we provide?  The value of the adjustment is the pinnacle of chiropractic.  Getting paid for our services and making life-changing differences in our patients will lead us to a new dimension.

Our services for the patient should be standardized.  When a patient gets a cervical adjustment in New Jersey, the outcome for that patient should be the same as a patient getting adjusted in San Diego.  We have too many variations in our care and nothing of congruency.  It is no wonder there continues to be skeptics.  Each doctor has a different opinion as to the necessity of care, the type of care, the type of treatment, and the specific outcome.

As chiropractors, we must work together from the early stages in Chiropractic College until the end of our careers in 60 to 70 years.  We must see the philosophy and technical skill in the simplicity it really is.  Some in our profession spend too much time trying to taint, tarnish, scrutinize our philosophy and make needless changes, rather than protecting and preserving this extraordinary gift we call chiropractic.

The future for chiropractic is now.  It is vitally important for all chiropractors across the nation to unify and educate their patients.  The strength comes from public awareness and education through media vehicles such as TV, radio, and billboards.  Chiropractors need to heighten awareness in their regions through local TV, radio, newspaper affiliates.  The messages must be clear and the facts must be laid on the line so people can make their own decisions as to what form of healthcare they want for their family.

Chiropractic cooperatives can also be formed to raise money not just from fellow chiropractors, but from foundations and companies that understand the shift that needs to be made – the entire shift from the mechanistic mentality that drugs, diagnostic testing, and surgeries are necessary for removal of parts or adding parts to the body -- the entire shift and clarity that it is more important to take care of what you already have to prevent future health problems.

What a concept…eating right, exercising, and de-stressing the body is much better than not eating right, less exercise and more cigarette smoking.  The thought of waiting until after there is a problem makes far less sense than self-preservation.

I want to see the future of chiropractic like this.

Yours in health;
Dr. Timothy Gay, D.C.

Dr. Gay currently is the founder and director of Ultimate Practice, a chiropractic consulting and management company.  He has authored several books, as well as numerous CD and video products for the chiropractic profession.

Dr. Gay is a highly respected and nationally recognized speaker and holds numerous seminars around the country on a variety of topics.  Dr. Gay can be reached at 1(866) 797-8366, or For more information on Ultimate Practice, visit their website at


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