Why Your Patients Leave

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Here it is, the answer to one of the most common questions by chiropractors. Are you ready? The simple truth is, it’s value of product!

What is value? Value is a person’s perception of the importance or priority of your product. It is not the perception of importance or your service!

The difference here is 180 degrees on the other side of the universe and it is a tough lesson to learn because it is a distinction that needs to be experienced a few 100, or for some, a few thousand times and not everyone gets it.

The problem is that we were taught in school that we provide people with a service, and not a product.

In only providing a service we are only treating or making people feel good. So we grow a practice that only has to do with making people feel better and that is the beginning of the end of any real growth in our practice.

Why? A person comes to you when they feel bad and leaves when they feel good. They only think of you as good or bad and attach the idea of your service to either of these states! Everybody will do and pay a lot to get out of pain so there is the greatest value at this state, and the lowest value when they feel good again.

Let's use smoking as an example. When is a person most likely to quit? When you say it's bad for them to smoke while they feel good? When you see something on the x-ray but they still feel good? Or, when they have horrible chest pain, they are coughing up blood, and they can't breathe? When are they most prepared to spend the money to make it all better?

So as we enter this paradigm of feel good or bad, when do people call you to come in or return to care? What state are they in? How long will they stay with you? Let me answer this for you: when they feel better or when they don't feel better, period.

We try to keep them with our service by being nice and loving them up, but then you call them and they fell off the planet or have spent their time avoiding you. But when they feel bad, they miraculously reappear! The paradigm you are playing in is a losing one and you will forever be looking for new patients! But perhaps that’s ok. Maybe you like doing screenings on weekends?

More importantly, you’re not saving lives and serving people with chiropracTIC!
So, instead of selling them on how they feel—or worse yet—selling them on how you can make them feel, sell them on the principle!

Remember, they value what they perceive as important, so explain to them how important their spine and nervous system is and let them know it's your job to keep it healthy and strong for life, period!

When they ask about their sciatica, you say this is what happens to your nerves when your spine is not taken care of, and worse yet your large intestine, and prostate are getting sicker as well because of the loss of messages thru the damaged nerves.
Your job has nothing to do with pain, even though many come in hurting!

Your job is to make their spine stay healthy and straight so all of the important messages from the brain can get thru to the body and organs, and all the organs can send signals back up to the brain. Without these messages flowing the body will develop sickness, illness and disease, period!

Now when the dental hygienist, or the general dentists come to the schools they don't come and speak to the sick kids with dirty rotten teeth. They come and EDUCATE all of us to keep the teeth clean and healthy so we have a nice set of choppers when we get old. Hey news flash: your spine was meant to last your entire life too. It's not supposed to rot, decay, herniate, grow spurs or hurt and get stiff at 40 years old! Most importantly, the spine houses and protects the spinal cord and all of the important messages. So weather you are young or old, hurt or feel great, fat or thin, short or tall, have insurance or pay cash, if you have vertebrae, you need to be cared for by a chiropractor always and forever!

If they look at you with the raised eyebrow, ask them if their dentist said the same thing, would you be having the same discussion? When they ask why they have headaches or sciatica, ask them how good their teeth would feel if they never brushed or flossed?
Sell them the principle, sell them the product, and EDUCATE!
The life of your practice and those you are about to serve depend upon it.
May innate flow from above down.

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