Finding a Reason for Change: A How To for Progress

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Why is it that change is one of the single most necessary things we need in life, yet the decision to do so is what holds many of us back from accomplishing our greatest achievements? The old saying that you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink is an adage that has to do directly with the decision-making process.

The process starts with the acknowledgment that change is necessary. You may or may not recognize it as something that needs to have an assessment and certain determination to end with a resolution of that specific issue.

The assessment is generally glossed over as something that may not be significant enough to make a decision right away. Quite frankly, that happens to many decisions; they have been put on the back burner because they are not important enough yet.

The question remains for many: when does the decision get made? The answer is, when the decision becomes so big that it HAS to be made. Somewhere along the line someone once said “small problems have small solutions”. From this day forward, after reading this stroke of genius, this should be a poster in your inner sanctum to reflect upon when you are faced with change.

In my own office next to the solutions sign I have another sign that simply says JUST DECIDE … I know that sounds far too easy but once again people agonize over making the changes in their life to move forward.

If there are problems with the change that you need to make, write down why it is best for you to make the change and move forward through the steps necessary for you to make the decision. Understand, there are no right or wrong decisions, just decisions that continually go unmade.

Here is the painful truth of the process: the reason people continue to either agonize or sky rocket to what they want is that if the reason is not big enough for the change, there is a period of stagnation until it comes from deep within you. Things change when people are made uncomfortable by circumstance. We as chiropractors tell our patients everyday about the importance of sickness prevention and how to maintain health but we still have a difficult time with the fear of the unknown, rejection, loss, or any of the many reasons we become paralyzed by the decisions for change.

Change is a feeling that takes place when you have limited control over your circumstance. Recognizing the need to change is the implementation change. Change can be instantaneous if you have a reason so compelling that without making that change it could be threatening enough to force a change in mental, spiritual, and physical well being.

What will be your reason for making change before it becomes some kind of self destructive metaphor that hinders your ability to put kids through college, live in a nice home, have the practice that you have always dreamed of, be financially fit, enjoy your marriage, or any myriad of wants, dreams, and wishes we all have that will only come with change.

Put a timeline on where you are right now and make a vow that the decision will be made on that timeline and perpetuated into forward motion to get the motivation, determination, and the power to persuade yourself to make that change.

Would you change if your life depended on it? It just may be the case. To summarize simply, if changes made are not forced or made under duress, and are made from a decisive standpoint, they will almost always work for the betterment of one’s future. The waiting and anticipation due to the lack of decision-making puts more pressure on any given situation. We all have the tendency to wait to see if this change can be made easier or will get better on its own, but in doing so, the there is a far greater risk of stress and tension. Just do it, don’t wait. You will find that the relief of the decision and the actual change, once done, will make your life better. And you will wonder why you waited.

So what are you waiting for? It is time to make some decisions! Start with the simple ones. Do you want more out of life? What do you want more of? Are your practice and your business doing as well as expected? Are you involved with your local and state associations? Do you love what you do and do what you love? That is the single most important part of the change. Start today and make a difference for you and all those wonderful people that depend on you.

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