Outcomes-Based Assessments

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Assessing Outcomes: Better for Patients, Better for Insurance Payments

Delivering chiropractic care in today’s economy is more challenging than ever before. In addition to rising costs and the need for advanced software systems, chiropractors also must pay special attention to outcomes-based assessments.

Insurers across the country are beginning to require evidence-based proof for the need for care. To demonstrate that such care indeed is necessary - and to safeguard proper processing and payments from insurance carriers - outcomes-based assessments are one of the most powerful tools available. They enable chiropractors to monitor and report patient progress, which is critical to treatment success. And, they improve communication with patients while providing insurers with what they want: demonstrable proof that a patient needs care.

So how do you develop arobust strategy that’s good for patients and insurers? To ensure success, make sure your outcomes-bases assessments software:

  • Allows providers to track their patient’s pain and disability through a sequence of questions.
  • Enables doctors to email patients and have them fill out their own outcome assessment online, where it is incorporated automatically in the patient’s file.
  • Generates charts and graphs that help the doctor and patients visually track treatment progress.
  • Provides detailed summary reports that doctors can export for appropriate dissemination.

With better outcomes-based assessments, chiropractors can more effectively interact with patients and track treatment progression. Moreover, with this type of easily documented proof, insurance carriers and workers’ comp administrators can obtain the evidence-based reporting they need to approve treatment plans and payments. And to compete in today’s competitive healthcare environment, chiropractors need these objective tools to demonstrate the effectiveness of treatment to all involved parties.

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