Facebook: Chiropractic Style

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With over a half billion accounts and constant media exposure, Facebook has become much more than just an Internet phenomenon. It’s the way people connect with each other and their communities in today’s digital age.

We know about Facebook as a means to discover old friends and classmates, notify people of what’s new in your life, and generally stay in touch. But as a chiropractor, how can you leverage Facebook? Here are some tips . . .

Create a Fan Page

  • By creating a Fan Page for your practice, you can allow your patients, friends, and family to “like” you.
  • When you acquire new fans, you build momentum for your brand and practice; you also attain greater awareness and validation by capturingyour audience.
  • This can lead to increased patient flow.

Post to Your Page

  • Post comments to your Fan Page; keep your audience informed of recent activity and news about your practice.
  • Use posts to relay information about new developments in chiropractic medicine.
  • Offer special discounts and programs via posts to your page.

Upload Photos

  • You can include photos of yourself, your staff, and your clinic.
  • This can give existing and potential patients a warm insight into your practice and office culture.

As with any social media tool, however, there are many pitfalls for overexposure and misuse. Here are some guidelines to help you manage this powerful marketing channel.

Manage Your Posts and Photos

  • Never upload inappropriate pictures or information. Even if you think that picture of your receptionist dancing on the tables at the Holiday party is funny, existing and potential patients may find it offensive and unprofessional. Keep your business integrity intact by ensuring all information is appropriate.

Control Access

  • Make sure only trusted, responsible employees have access and can make changes to your Facebook account.

Update Regularly

  • Try to add new information on at least a weekly or bi-monthly basis. If you don’t have new information for several months, it looks unprofessional and visitors to the page might think you’re out of business.
Facebook is the connection medium of choice for the next generation. Use its massive ability to foster community to help your practice grow.

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