EHR Pays Off Again – Let the ARRA Stimulus Deliver Up to $44,000 to Your Practice

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Running a chiropractic business is challenging enough, not to mention converting your system to Electronic Health Records (even though the conversion is invaluable). But what if you could receive $44,000 just for using fully-certified EHR software? It’s a great incentive, isn't it?

The ARRA (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act) Stimulus package provides for up to $44,000 in reimbursements through 2016. For chiropractors, first year full reimbursement ($18,000) is available into 2012, with $12,000 available the following year.$44,000 is the full reimbursement over five years if your first qualifying year is 2011 or 2012. Your actual reimbursement, however, is based on 75% of your Medicare reimbursements for each payment year, up to the allowed amount for each year(for a full chart and reimbursement schedule, contact ChiroTouch).

Missing the 2011 cutoff will not change your reimbursement amount. But to be eligible for the full $44,000, your EHR software must attain full certification by October 3, 2012. Plus, full certification does not guarantee reimbursement. Rather, you must use the certified software in a meaningful way.

You need to demonstrate that you're using the software in tangible ways that can be measured and assessed in terms of quality and quantity. Demonstration of "meaningful use" involves 25 use objectives, 20 of which must be met in order to receive the reimbursements.

Of the 25 objectives, 15 are required core criteria ("Core Set Requirements"), while another 10 come from a menu of additional items ("Menu Set Meaningful Use Requirements"). So, for chiropractors to qualify for "meaningful use," they must meet all of the 15 core objectives plus five of the ten additional objectives.

To learn more about the ARRA reimbursements or how to qualify for “meaningful use,” contact ChiroTouch today.