ChiroTouch Introduces Outcomes Assessments as Part of the New 5.0 Software Release

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San Diego, CA – April 18th,  2011 – ChiroTouch™, the world’s leader in chiropractic software solutions, has just released Outcomes Assessments, a powerful new feature of its new 5.0 software version."This feature ranks up there with the highest of them all in terms of our most frequent requests” said Robert Moberg, President of ChiroTouch. "The ability to monitor and track a patient’s progress is critical, and now our family of practices have a tool built into ChiroTouch that allows them to do just that.”

This new feature allows providers to track their patient’s pain and disability through a sequence of questions.  Further, doctors can submit a request via the patient’s email to have them fill out their own Outcomes Assessment online, where it is incorporated automatically in the patient’s file.

The feature also includes a graph/chart function, providing both the patient and the doctor the opportunity to get a visual representation of the patient’s progress.  Additionally, a full summary report, inclusive of all the assessment details, can be exported for dissemination as well.

“Helping practices achieve evidenced-based care is a top concern for ChiroTouch,” said Robert.  “And reporting such evidence to insurance companies, workers’ comp administrators, providers, and patients is certainly of high importance.”