Your Beliefs Create Your Reality

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Do you remember all of those bits of wisdom that your mother or father told you would guarantee your happiness?

Think back to your childhood and remember all that was told to you to protect and guide you. Recall all of the clichés and one liners that has been imprinted into your consciousness that were told to you with the best of intentions. These repeated and powerful imprints have unconsciously created your values and your beliefs.

How many rules have we been told that today limit our growth? These are our “limiting beliefs” that slow us down or worse, stop us in our tracks. These are what we refer to as the “subluxations of our lives.” We all suffer from these and the good news is that all of these blockages are correctable.

These limiting beliefs come from our MFTPs; our Mothers, Fathers, Teachers and Preachers. Let’s explore some of these and more important, let’s adjust them, and emancipate you in the process. Like a hot air balloon, once we acknowledge and then throw these limiting beliefs overboard; we will rise to new heights in our lives.

Today, let us establish the new rules for your emotional health and well-being. The good news is that building bliss and happiness is getting easier to understand and more important, easier to do by giving up the anchors of our past and redefining who we really are. Try these new rules and create the life you want.

Old Rule: Good things come to those who wait.
New Rule: Tell the world what you want so that you are not left with the crumbs.

I am always reminded of what is affectionately known as Grandma Rule Number 1: “If you don’t ask, you won’t get” and Grandma Rule Number 2: “if you are going to ask, ask for everything”. Remember that everything is negotiable in the universe and if you just tell the world what you want in specific terms with the best intent and emotion, you dramatically increase the odds you will get it.

Old Rule: Save for a rainy day.
New Rule: Accumulate wealth for every day.

Money is a form of exchange; it is energy and it is designed to be utilized, shared and accumulated. Why save for a rainy day as compared to spending your money wisely, helping others with your money, having your money earn you more money and having a plan to accumulate wealth by paying yourself first and saving at least 10% of everything you earn. It is essential that we balance and enhance this essential form of energy by both saving and spending.

Old Rule: Absence makes the heart grow fonder.
New Rule: Purpose and fulfillment makes the heart grow fonder.

Why would we need to be missing something or someone in order for our heart to grow? We grow because of relationships, because of accomplishments and because of fulfilling our life’s purpose. We grow because we are improving and expanding our identity everyday. Our hearts grow because of expressing and creating joy and from unconditional love and service to others. Focus on expanding your unconditional love and in service to others if you want your heart to grow fonder.

Old Rule: Don’t talk to strangers.
New Rule: Make friends with everyone and all of our new friends will be people who were strangers just moments earlier.

I would urge you to have a personal philosophy to impact and influence the lives of all those around you at every opportunity. Knowing how to make others (those you know and those you don’t yet) feel better about themselves is a key for growth and for accomplishment. Remember that we are exactly like plants as we grow in the direction of sunshine. Our sunshine is called acknowledgement. Make it part of your purpose to build up those around you in strong and noble thought.

Realize that the next stranger you meet might be your soul mate, or a great friend, or someone who can refer 100 new patients to you or a lifetime mentor that you learn life’s lessons from.

Old Rule: Life is all about having and accumulating nice things.
New Rule: Life is all about Be-ing, so Be-cause.

Of course we want things, but the surest way to accomplish and accumulate what you want to have is by being the source of the force. Who you are always determines how well what you do works, so focus on becoming a better version of yourself today and everyday. When you do the right thing, for the right reason, with the right intent, with the right attitude and the right energy; the universe will find you extremely attractive and the people, places and circumstances to make your life magnificent will consistently manifest and appear in your life.

Old Rule: I will give to others when I have enough.
New Rule: I will give to others from my abundance.

So many of us have the universal principle that determines abundance and prosperity backwards in our mind as it is absolutely essential that we prime the pump by giving out of our abundance so that the universe can reward us ten fold. Give because it is the right thing to do, because it makes you feel better and because serving others is our highest calling.

Old Rule: Speak when you are spoken to.
New Rule: Share your truth with the world.

As children, we were frequently told to speak only when we were spoken to and if you can give me just one time that this limiting belief served you to accomplish your life’s desire, I would be shocked because it has never produced any good in my life. In fact, I feel blessed that I learned early in life to speak up and tell others what I thought and felt.

One of my mentors told me that I should always say what was on my mind, or offer my viewpoint whenever given the opportunity. Public speaking and teaching evolved because this advice was followed. Share your truth, come from kindness and have certainty that you are connected to the infinite wisdom of the universe.

Old Rule: Life isn’t fair.
New Rule: Our experiences are the direct result of our beliefs.

Life was never designed to be fair because if it was, everyone would be winning all the time. Life is designed for us to be awake, aware and conscious so that we can adapt and be flexible to change. When we adapt to inner and outer change, we insure our health and well-being. Our thoughts create our reality. When we think good thoughts, abundant thoughts, healing thoughts and loving thoughts; we create our ideal life.

We can go on forever with these old rules and see how limiting they really are for us. As an exercise, why not sit down with your family, your friends or your staff and create a list of other “limiting beliefs” that have held you back and then put them under the light of reason and replace them with stronger and nobler thoughts. Adjust the subluxations in your life and maximize your expression and your innate potential.

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