ChiroTouch Addresses Professional Athlete Care in its Latest Article

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San Diego, CA – January 6, 2011 – ChiroTouch, the nation's leader in chiropractic software, has just released "A Chiropractor for the Professional Athlete,"  its latest article in its education series.A Chiropractor for the Professional Athlete

Chiropractic care for the professional athlete has become widely utilized in recent times. Many professional teams have team chiropractors that work in tandem with medical staff and travel with teams on the road. Professional athletes realize the necessity of good health and many report improved performance after chiropractic care.

Dr. Tom LaFountain is the director of chiropractic services for the Professional Golf Association (PGA). He began working with the PGA as their only chiropractor on tour and eventually was able to hire a staff of chiropractors who travel with the tour. This became necessary due to the increased demand from the athletes.

Many professional football teams also have a chiropractor on staff. Some of these are merely consultants, and others travel with the team. Once one player experiences quick injury recovery and enhanced performance, the other players want the services. Dr. Michael Miller has worked with the New England Patriots for years and even treats the coaching staff.

Chiropractors that treat professional athletes advise that it takes years of hard work to attain these jobs. Doctors of Chiropractic should become a diplomate in chiropractic orthopedics or sports medicine (certified chiropractic sports physician). Chiropractors can volunteer to work with high school and community teams and eventually ascend to the college level. These are usually the necessary steps to have contact with a professional athlete.

Many of these chiropractic sports physicians must travel with their professional athletes. A laptop equipped with chiropractic EMR is essential. The practitioners have all their patients’ information at their fingertips. Not only will chiropractic documentation such as chiropractic soap notes be available, but the history, memos, and emails are also on-hand. Chiropractic software is available that can be customized to the needs of the chiropractic sports physician. These systems allow these busy doctors more time to treat the athletes.

The U.S. Olympic Committee chooses chiropractors every four years to be a part of the Olympic medical team. Each year chiropractic sports physicians attend training at the U.S.O.C. headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The best practitioners are invited back to regional sports events and competitions. Eventually two are usually selected to accompany the team to the Olympic Games. Chiropractors work closely with the medical doctors as part of Olympic medical team, providing services before, during, and after the competition.

Dr. LaFountain, the PGA chiropractor, reports that the lower back is the most common area he treats. Chiropractic sports physicians must be “on their toes” to treat athletes during a sporting event as there is often little time available. Dr. LaFountain notes that practitioners must know the biomechanics of the sport they are working with so they can come up with a diagnosis and treatment plan efficiently. James Stoxen D.C. is another doctor that has worked with elite athletes. He also mentions that studying the athletes’ biomechanics is essential to treatment. He enjoys designing nutrition, strength, and conditioning programs as part of professional athlete treatment plans. Dr. Stoxen reveals that it is very rewarding to know that his treatment has improved an athlete’s performance and helped them return to their former glory days.

Professional athletes often use chiropractic care for performance as well as pain relief. A professional tennis player can expect relief from soreness and headaches due to tightness in the shoulder blades. Breathing and core stability exercises help professional athletes improve performance. Many patients learn these techniques for the first time through chiropractic treatment.