The Game Called More

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Welcome back!  As I mentioned in my previous article (ChiroTouch Newsletter - July), the first step that you can take today that will help you improve your life, your business and your practice tomorrow is having a crystal clear vision of what you want and why you want it.  I also mentioned, just to review, that most people don’t have what they want because they don’t know what they want.  Practitioners, like patients, are clear about what they don’t want; but you can’t create what you do want by trying to get away from what you don’t want.

Your vision must be known to you and clearly established by you for many reasons.  One reason is that it takes two points to define a line, and you already know where you are.  Perhaps, an even more important reason for a clear vision is to be able to recognize when you’ve accomplished your goal and gotten there…wherever “there” is for you.

The epidemic in our profession is the seemingly endless quest for more.  Ask any practitioner what he or she wants and the response invariably starts with “more” something.  And, while wanting more is not, in and of itself, wrong or a problem;  not knowing how much more or why you want it, is.  The inherent contradiction in this game called more is that one can win it.  No one has ever won the game called “More” because no matter how much more you produce, this addictive mental process pushes you further to do more, be more, have more.  And, if excellence were a goal unto itself, the game called more could be a worthwhile game to play.

But it isn’t.

There is a price one pays to play in the game called “more”.  The price of admission is low.  But, to stay in the game, the cost becomes one’s life.  In the endless quest for more, the first thing that is sacrificed is oneself, as other people’s needs become more important than your own.

Next up to the sacrificial alter is one’s family as other people’s needs become more important than the needs of those you love the most.  And from here, the game often spins completely out of control.  Balance is lost.  Harmony is lost.  The celebration of one’s life is lost.  Holidays and personal pursuits are lost.  One’s children are suddenly grown.  And more…

And all for what?  More.  And even if you were successful in producing more;  how much of it did you/can you/would you enjoy?  No one ever looks back over their life and wonders what would have been if they had only spent MORE time at work?  The payoff in the game called more is…regret.  And, regret just may be the most expensive currency on the planet today.

The alternative is the game called “enough”.  Can you—will you—take the time to figure out how much is enough?  There doesn’t have to be sacrifice or loss.  When you make it a game you can win;  you very often do.  What if enough meant, “having it all?”  Our position is for you to clearly define what “having it all” really means to you so that “enough” would be enough.

And, what better time that NOW to sit down with those you love the most and actually, perhaps for the first time, figure out how much is enough.  Once you know the goal and that goal is yours and it actually means something;  the discipline to do it appears!

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