Strengthen Your Practice with Supplements

San Diego, CA – October 1st, 2010 – ChiroTouch™, the nation's leader in chiropractic software, recently posted its latest article entitled Strengthen Your Practice with Supplements.

If you are looking for ways to strengthen your practice, you might want to consider building up your business by adding supplements to your entourage of products and services. Today, using digital tools and chiropractic software can help you track your sales and expenditures, making it easier than ever to expand your offerings without expanding your headache.

Start by deciding which products to offer initially, and then track your ongoing sales.  In this manner you can begin to understand which supplements are selling well, which ones will make you the most profit, and whether you want to discontinue offering any supplements.

There are a number of resources you can use for choosing the supplements you wish to offer to your patients. First, familiarize yourself with the latest research so you will be knowledgeable regarding the different products currently on the market. This will help you recommend the proper supplements for each patient's specific needs. Different patients will have different nutritional needs, and being properly educated about the latest findings will give you the authority to make good recommendations, rather than seeming like you are pushing products solely for profit.

Don't forget to consider the shelf life of the supplements you choose. Supplements can become stale and ineffective after a certain period, and you do not want an overly large quantity in stock that you will not be able to sell. Check with your distributors to see whether there are any return policies for unsold supplements, such as allowing you to exchange a percentage of your unsold inventory for a fresh supply.

Many patients can benefit adding probiotics to their health defense routine.  If you have patients who have taken antibiotics, radiation therapy or similar stressors, these supplements can yield particularly positive results.   Such treatments  can cause an imbalance in the body's normal bacteria. Re-introducing the right bacteria through exposing your patients to quality probiotics can improve digestion and the immune system.

Vitamin and energy supplements also appeal to a wide range of your patients. Many conditions are caused by deficiencies in certain vitamins, and other conditions can be eliminated or improved by the proper use of dietary supplements.

Whatever supplements you choose to strengthen your practice and improve your patients' health, remember to keep accurate records of your patient's use in records. Chiropractic software is useful for tracking which of your regular patients are using which supplements, what responses they have had since beginning each supplement, and when they are due for a refill. You and your staff can then follow up with your patients about whether they are using the supplements, how they are working, and whether they want a refill. You can also use it to cross-sell;  as a patient who has positive results with one supplement may be interested in trying other products in the same line.

You can also use your chiropractic software to set alerts and send messages to your staff for use at check-out. When they are scheduling the next appointment for a patient, a message can alert your desk staff that you are recommending a nutritional supplement for this individual. Your staff can then discuss future appointments, follow-up exercises, and any recommended nutritional supplements with confidence. This simple step can make it easier and more convenient for patients to purchase supplements, as they may forget recommendations you made during treatment by the time they reach the check-out point-of-sale.

Supplements can be a great way to enrich your practice and your patient's health. Round out the health of both your patients and your practice using a hearty mix of beneficial products and see your practice strengthen through this new addition.