ChiroTouch Releases “Reclaim Your time as Your Own” Article

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San Diego, CA – October 18th, 2010 – ChiroTouch™, the nation's leader in chiropractic software, recently posted its latest article in its educational series entitled "Reclaim Your time as Your Own."

Reclaim Your time as Your Own

Chiropractors now have more paperwork to complete than ever before. This leads to spending less time with patients, as well as less time for their families, and an increase in the time they need to stay at the office. Cutting through the bureaucratic red tape and finding a better way to complete the excessive paperwork is something that can help you gain some of this lost time back and reclaim this time as your own. Using the proper technology can help in accomplishing this goal, and give you back the family time and time with your patients that you deserve.

The revision of intake forms and SOAP notes, the retraining of the billing staff to code everything out to five digits, and rearranging your schedule to account for more and more paperwork are clinic management techniques that might help in providing solutions to the overwhelming documentation that needs to be completed, but will not give you back the time you are losing in getting these paperwork related tasks completed. Many chiropractors still experience a feeling of being "boxed in" and unable to get back the time they used to have.

A big part of the problem is that many chiropractors feel that this is just something they have to deal with and there is no viable way to make the process less time consuming. However, by using the new technology available, things can be made easier and take less time. The important thing to keep in mind is that although the old ways may be effective, there are new ways to handle chiropractic documentation that can give you back some of the time you are losing. Instead of being trapped, there are now new methods available that can open the door and set you free, giving you back the things you have lost.

Methods are always changing, and going back to the beginning of the decade we never would have imagined that electronic health records, also known as EHR's, and Medicare audits would play as important of a role as they do today. Just as things have changed over the last decade, things will also change in the years to come. With the Barrack Obama regime now in place, changes in health care documentation for the better are likely to come. EHR's will play a significant role in these changes, and per the President himself, will likely save the American health care system tens of billions of dollars. These EHR's are at the top of the list for helping control medical errors and costs. This is the technology that will force a change in chiropractic documentation and help give you back the time you are now losing.

While these EHRs may be something that many future chiropractors will be familiar with as part of their practice, for those that are practicing presently, the future is now. There is no need to wait for EHRs to be federally mandated when this technology, along with digital documentation, can be used for your benefit now. These new technologies can provide the freedom we seek as chiropractors and release us from our "paperwork prisons".

This year presents a prime time to break away from your chiropractic documentation prison. Having the right technology can save you a large amount of time and energy. The five tasks that are necessary when dealing with patient care include documentation, patient education, scheduling, billing, and images. The proper technology will allow all of these to be completed with less mistakes and greater efficiency. Reorganizing files, searching for files, and missing files are only a few instances where time is wasted dealing with paper documentation. The right clinic technology will also reduce the time spent on these repetitive clerical tasks. By transitioning your chiropractic documentation from paper to digital, your office can become more efficient and provide a better workflow.

The use of digital documentation and EHRs can help you wake up from your chiropractic documentation nightmare and get you back the time you are now spending on this paperwork. There is no need to wait to use this technology until it is mandated by the federal government. This technology is available and ready for you to use now. Continuing to use a paper based system for your chiropractic documentation will not give you the extra time for the patient care you desire or less hours spent in your office. Why not realize the future today and use this new technology to free yourself of the time consuming, paperwork related tasks that are holding you back? Getting rid of your paper can set you free, and help you reclaim your time as your own.