The Primordial Subluxation

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Strap on your philosophy helmet cause here we go! Primordial Subluxation as described by BJ Palmer explained all the problems of man. I find this term as important and insightful now as it was in BJ’s time and believe it’s meaning and intention to be more accurate with every year of life I experience.

In discussing Primordial Subluxation I ask you for some latitude in that I am going to share some of my personal opinions.

Primordial simply means in the beginning. Subluxation on the other hand has become a word with many meanings as well as a word that does not exist to some, even to my spell check on this laptop. So, here I want to use the Latin; sub- meaning less or below, -tion; meaning the presence of, and lux- meaning divine or enlightenment. So the word subluxation itself means you are expressing less enlightenment or intelligence!
Lux is the key word fragment and the divisive one for sure! Evoking thoughts of religion, god, creation, origin, words dipped in dogma and then wrapped in so much emotion we have now lost the simple ability to communicate and share ideas, so we just form a camp and dig a trench and recruit new members and continue the standoff.

The point is that no one—and I mean no one—really knows what our existence is all about, I mean here we are on a clump of rock and clay spinning around thousands of miles an hour revolving around the sun even faster in a void of space that is a vacuum and colder than your outdoor thermometer could ever read. Our existence is so fragile, so rare, unexplainable, wondrous and beautiful that we should all just bow in gratitude and humility for the gift of our existence as a human being every morning!

But with the development of educated man came ego, arrogance and superiority leading to a separation of self from creation.

So along comes this genius named DD Palmer who had a talent for observation and on his farm kept bees. It was this observation of bees, having a beautiful structure and purpose that inspired DD Palmer to witness and experience creation in her infinite, wondrous, and humbling beauty. As creation lifted her veil to DD, he became obsessed with seeing and understanding more. After losing two wives to illness and witnessing much of the accepted sickness and disease in his day, DD wanted to understand how with so much intelligence in the universe, men became sick. Why do some who eat under the same roof and share in the same food at the same table get sick while others do not?

If creation had intelligence and organized systems, then this intelligence must lie in all living things and express itself all the time. If there was order and intelligence within us then where does it reside and how does it communicate throughout the body?

And so chiropractic began with the objective to remove interference to this intelligence so creation may illuminate all tissues of the body with her intelligence.

BJ Palmer believed that the Primordial Subluxation began when we began to think of ourselves as separate from creation and therefore as an observer of the laws of creation rather than a participant. By not participating we do not honor, respect or follow creations law and rather than live in harmony with universal intelligence we alter or manipulate matter to suit our ego and arrogance. We think because we have the knowledge to isolate DNA or split the atom we have gained some superiority to creation or universal intelligence.

Explain to me where the atom came from, what energy holds it together, how all matter came into existence!

It is this separation, this living as an observer rather than a participant, the deliberate choice with intention to live separate and think of oneself as separate from all other living and nonliving things that is the Primordial Subluxation! In the words of BJ Palmer, it is our separation from God. The primordial subluxation is above the atlas and is in educated man. It is all the junk, and fear, and false beliefs that are preventing you from witnessing and experiencing universal intelligence. It is the first subluxation needing adjustment, so please lie on your side relax as I place my pisiform on your Cerebrum at the frontal lobe with a contact point at the corpus collosum, now take a deep breath because this might sting a little!

The objective of the chiropractic adjustment is to remove interference from innate intelligence allowing every precious flicker of thought and signal to reach each cell with the sole purpose of manifesting pure illuminated life!

In the words of BJ Palmer, The adjustment is to improve the flow of the mental impulse and nothing else!