Success According to the Law – Cause and Effect

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If you’re anything like me, you can likely recall the multitude of times when you were young and you asked your Mom or your Dad to allow you to do something to which the answer was ‘no’.  Being the persistent kid that you were, you pressed on wanting to know ‘why not’ only to end up with the dreaded ‘just because’.

Recently I was traveling in Rome with my wife and three daughters and I was spending some time writing in my Lifebook about my role as a parent.  I was describing my purpose as a parent, my ‘Why’, and I suddenly heard that familiar voice—‘Just Because’. 

It hit me... ‘Just Be-Cause’.

In order to truly succeed in practice (and your life) you need to BE the cause. Think about it for a minute.  You have a cause that you stand for and in order to achieve your cause you have to BE your cause.

The simple truth is that there is a ‘cause’ of success and it begins with Be-ing.

Your Beliefs determine your Behaviors.  They literally compel you to ‘do’ what you do.  In turn, those behaviors (actions) determine your results.  If a DC isn’t happy with their result (low new patients, poor retention, high stress, not enough money), they must look back at the specific actions they have taken (or haven’t taken) that produced those results (the cause).

That’s where most docs stop, and it is why so many are continually frustrated.  You must go further. You must deeply clarify what beliefs compelled your actions (or lack thereof).  This is hard to do and can be a deep hole for many but it must to be done if you desire to ‘Be Cause’.  And to add even more challenge, the beliefs that anyone holds compel their behaviors whether those beliefs are true or not!

This means that for many, a serious process of digging through their belief systems as it applies to chiropractic is the single most important thing they can do.  Here’s a simple yet profound exercise to get you started:

On a sheet of paper, list 5 specific ‘results’ that you are unsatisfied with.  Next, list the specific actions that you take (or don’t take) to produce those results.  Now make a list under each action describing the specific belief(s) that drive that behavior (action).

Once you’ve got your list, make a second identical list but start with the result you really want (your goal).  Now go back and list all the specific actions that would be necessary to nail the result.  Once you have that, dive into the exact beliefs that you must have in order to compel you to ‘do’ those actions.

Tough work, but when you’re done—you’ll have your hit list.  You’ll know exactly where you need to focus and why you are where you are. For those that are courageous enough to take on the task however, the reward is a contradiction-free, stress-free life...

A life ‘just Be-Cause’.