The First Step

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The theme in my practice was for our practice members to develop the mindset that their patients would have to be crazy to ever go anywhere else for their care.  So, we developed systems to deliver on this premise.  We also created communications strategies to foster the idea that care was a “family affair” in our office. We instituted “Ritz Carlton” staff meetings so that we could, as the Ritz Carlton does, meet and exceed the stated and unstated expectations of our practice members.

Surely, there must be something that you can do today that will help you improve your life, your business and your practice tomorrow.  You know that the first step is always having a crystal clear vision of what you want and why you want it.  What I continually find is that most people don’t have what they want because they don’t know what they want.  Practitioners, like patients, are clear about what they don’t want but you can’t create what you do want by trying to get away from what you don’t want.

The price both patients and practitioners pay for this lack of focus and clarity is mediocrity.  Mediocrity is all about settling, not making decisions and just doing enough to get by or, at best, be comfortable.  We become stuck here because we lack the clarity, skills and/or the willingness or ability to execute our plans.  Oftentimes this is because we are not wired neurologically for our own success…for our own abundance…for our own happiness.  Do you have the resources to overcome this roadblock to your expansion and continued success?

If you’re clear about what you want and where you want to go and, perhaps most importantly, why you want to go there, then you must be thinking “OK, so what’s the next step?”  The next step is in knowing the system to create what you want.  Here's the system we use and the system we recommend to our Mastery Coaching clients:

  1. Vision:  what you are really trying to create and why do you want to create it?
  2. Skills and Abilities:  what you need to be, what you need to do, and that you have to know that you can “do it.”
  3. Motivation:  the drive needed to overcome inertia, procrastination and complacency.
  4. Resources:  what human/material resources will you need to accomplish your vision?
  5. Information:  what needs to be done and how to do it?
  6. Systems:  the process and procedures through which that information is implemented in the practice to produce practical and quantifiable results.
  7. Identification of key concerns:  to establish priorities for correction.
  8. A Plan:  to establish in time, what needs to be done, who needs to do it and by when?
  9. Desire:  without a willingness to have what it is you say you want, the discipline to do what it takes to get it is often missing…what will it take to get you to follow your plan?
  10. Determining your strengths:  why not ride a horse in the direction that it is going in?  Everyone focuses on fixing weaknesses.  This is in violation the Law of Attraction.  Let’s find your strengths and capitalize on them…on purpose, and by design.

What has been found to be true is that most practitioners are paying dearly for the absence of the “essentials” in the only way they can…by working much too hard for much too little.  If you can embrace change, then let me help you create systems, strategies and procedures with you…not for you.  I want to know you as a person…not just another client and, in doing so, we both get to develop a renewed sense of clarity, direction and momentum…the three prerequisites for the development of your life, business and practice...on purpose and by design.

Dr. Steve Hoffman is President of Discover Wellness, Inc.  The purpose of his company is to help practitioners create the life, business and practice that they want.  Success is a process that requires that all the necessary elements be present within the right hierarchy.  If any of these key elements are missing then success becomes elusive.  Let Dr. Steve Hoffman guide you through the process of completing your practice puzzle and filling in the missing pieces with practical products and coaching services.

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