The American Chiropractor Magazine Features ChiroTouch President Robert Moberg in Latest Issue

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San Diego, CA – July 23, 2010 –  The American Chiropractor Magazine, (TAC) the nation's premier industry magazine, recently profiled Robert Moberg, President of ChiroTouch™; the leader in chiropractic practice management software.

“It was indeed an honor to have The American Chiropractor conduct the profile,” said Robert. “And while I was given a great deal of consideration and attention, I am well aware that the wonderful staff at ChiroTouch played a major role in such an article ever being written.  The focus of the article was on how we at ChiroTouch place a huge importance on giving back to the community we serve, and that—to be sure—is a team effort.”

The article, "Getting Ahead…By Giving Back," was published in the July issue of TAC, and profiled Robert's leadership in ensuring that ChiroTouch, as a company, found ways to enrich the chiropractic community.

“Prior to taking on the job of running Integrated Practice Solutions, I had a meeting with the owners,” said Robert.  “I had to make it clear how important it was to me personally that we as a company focus as much on giving back to the community we serve as we do in creating the premier software platform in the industry.  And they wholeheartedly agreed.”

And with that agreement in hand, Robert wasted no time in finding unique, yet critical ways to enrich the chiropractic community.  In that regard,  Robert has launched many endeavors in the spirit of giving back, from providing the industry with information-based webinars, to donating funds to state chiropractic associations and helping chiropractors avoid the traps of digital documentation—regardless of the software system they’re using.

“I think, as a company, we have a responsibility to give back to the community that has given us so very much ,” Robert stated.  “It’s a position that has enabled us to not only grow as a company, but to grow as people as well.”