Integrated Practice Solutions Presents Its TechWrite Seminar to Largest Ever Audience

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San Diego, CA – July 26, 2010 – Integrated Practice Solutions™ (IPS), the nation's leader in providing chiropractors with the most advanced solutions available in the industry, recently presented its fifth TechWrite Digital Documentation Seminar series to more than 250 chiropractors and CAs at the Texas Chiropractic Association annual convention on June 11th, 2010; continuing the course to keep doctors abreast of the critical components of documentation in a digital environment.

“We've truly been amazed at the response we're getting with this seminar,” said Robert Moberg, President of IPS.  “We started providing this seminars to doctors and their staff, regardless of the software they're using, late last year to an audience of about 50 professionals.  Word has spread in the community and we are very pleased to have State Associations begin to participate and experience the enthusiasm from their participants.”

The TechWrite seminar series covers the most critical aspects of digital documentation.  Attendees learn of the requirements needed to meet ‘Medical Necessity; gain an understanding of Quantitative’ vs. ‘Qualitative’ methods of documentation; learn how to design an ‘evidence-based’ treatment plan, and are given illustrations of the most effective ways to safeguard chiropractors against the most common mistakes made by doctors.

Dr. Peter Meinhofer, a noted expert in best practices in digital documentation, commented "I get so upset when I go to seminars and hear speakers preaching 'doom and gloom,' making doctors fear that they may be the next one to get audited.  Doctors need to know that there is a better way-and that it's possible to take quality notes that don't take more time than it takes to care for their patients."

“We continue to spread the word throughout the chiropractic community that digital documentation can be a powerful ally,” added Robert. “The positive comments we received from the large audience in Texas after our seminar were very, very encouraging, and we look forward to continuing our outreach across the country.”