Integrated Practice Solutions Partners with ChiroCode In Digital Documentation Seminar

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San Diego, CA – July 12, 2010 – Integrated Practice Solutions™ (IPS), the nation's leader in providing chiropractors with the most advanced solutions available in the industry, and ChiroCode, the industry’s foremost authority in helping chiropractors achieve financial success through superior coding, reimbursement, and compliance practices, have recently partnered to present the TechWrite Digital Documentation Seminar Series in Denver, Colorado.

“We’re pleased that the TechWrite seminar, which promotes best practices in digital documentation for chiropractors and staff, has been a hit across the country,” said Robert Moberg, President of IPS.  “And, given ChiroCode’s expertise in coding, reimbursement, and compliance issues, it was a natural fit that provided valuable insights to the attendees.”

On June 19th 2010, a medical billing specialist for almost a decade with ChiroCode, and who has been teaching doctors the inside secrets of billing and coding for a number of years at a college level, and Dr. Peter Meinhofer, a noted expert in best practices in digital documentation, together  addressed an audience of practices from across the Denver area. The teaming of these two speakers gave the audience insights from both a doctor and a billing professional, so that the attendees gained the knowledge of what is needed to bullet-proof their offices.

The TechWrite seminar series covers the most critical aspects of digital documentation in which attendees: learn of the requirements needed to meet ‘Medical Necessity; gain an understanding of Quantitative’ vs. ‘Qualitative’ methods of documentation; learn how to design an ‘evidence-based’ treatment plan, and are given illustrations of the most effective ways to safeguard chiropractors against the most common mistakes made by doctors.

“TechWrite is yet another way for us to give back to the profession,” added Robert. “By helping doctors of chiropractic achieve greater success through understanding the best processes and practices in digital documentation--regardless of their choice of software--IPS has shown its commitment to our chosen profession, as well as to the patients we all collectively serve.”