Dr. Dawn Smallwood

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Dr. Dawn Smallwood, Chiropractor and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner choose ChiroTouch because she wanted to start her own office with a paperless system. With ChiroTouch she has found that billing is extremely easy. Dr. Dawn, as well as her massage therapist and acupuncturist, like the flexibility of the macro system. With the training she received from ChiroTouch, she found it was very easy to incorporate ChiroTouch into her practice. The end of day transaction reports that ChiroTouch generates display a great summary of patients seen, charges, and payments received by patients and insurance companies; it’s a really great way to ensure that everything has been entered into the computer correctly. Reports are easily printed, legible and easy to read with just a few clicks of a button for PI lawyers. “I would highly recommend ChiroTouch”, Dr. Dawn states.