The Triad of Chiropractic Practice

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Better than most other health professionals, we as chiropractors understand the devastating effects that stress and imbalance can have on our lives.  Every day we see people enter our practice suffering from the effects that physical, chemical or emotional stresses are having on their life and health.  Yet many of us in our own life and practice may be struggling with the very same things.

We as doctors and business people need to balance our practice life, our family life, and personal growth in order for us to remain healthy as well.  Often one of these areas may be suffering and we may not notice them until we begin to have our own symptoms.  Like the triad of health we often explain to our patients, this same triangle pertains to us.

  • If we spend too much time on our business, then our family and our personal growth suffers.
  • If we spend too much time on our family, then our business and our personal growth suffers.
  • If we spend too much time on our personal growth, then our business and our family suffers.

family280I think you get my point.  If this in any way reflects what you may be experiencing right now, you are not alone—especially with the numerous changes that are occurring in many of our lives right now.  So I am sure you are asking “what is my next step? “

  1. Spend some time working on creating a true vision of where you would like to see your practice and your life in the next year, 2 years, 5 years and 10 years.  What techniques will you be using?  What kind of staff will you have?  How many hours will you be working and how will the office look? How many vacations will you take this year and where will you go?  What hobbies do you want to explore?  How will you make time for those you love? This is the most important investment of time you can ever possibly make.  Stephen Covey has a chapter in his book “The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People” where he discusses beginning with the end in mind, and this visualization will help you create that.
  2. Set clear and definite goals and time frames for achieving the different stages of this progression.  Don’t make your success in these areas based as much on the outcomes as on the actions you need to take.  The reason for creating these goals is to stretch yourself and become the type of person capable of achieving them.
  3. Create systems that support you so that you can create more time to work on the next steps you want to take on the creation of your dream.  Create systems for scheduling, billing, staff hiring, patient education, reactivation, documentation, filing and others so you don’t have to waste time each day on tasks that can be automated.  This factor alone can vastly increase your time and create balance in your life.

As doctors, our clients are watching us for leadership and as their example in creating a life of health and wellness.  Seeing you accomplish your goals can expand the vision of those people that are coming to see you about what is possible.

Dr. Meinhofer is a customer sales representative for Integrated Practice Solutions, the makers of the ChiroTouch Chiropractic Software; a complete practice management software system designed to make your job easier and your patients' experience better.