True Wellness Model

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Many chiropractors tell me they practice a TRUE wellness model. But when we look at their statistics, procedures, and communications, the truth is many of them do not!  The great news is, more and more chiropractors want a wellness practice; they just don’t know how to do it.

If people really knew what was going on with their health, if they really knew what we do, if they really knew that they had a health problem and not a back problem, AND we could help them get healthy and stay healthy for a lifetime, then all we would have to do is show them how they can have it!  In a true wellness practice, people stay, pay and refer and there is no reason to use fear, manipulation or scare tactics to try and get compliance.

Our job as chiropractors is to find out what they really want and then show them how to get it! No more anxiety about Report of Findings!  If we walk them through what we call "The Whole Story" during the first two visits, we can get people to understand in a matter of moments that they have subluxations and lifestyle stress that relate to their chief concern, in addition to the other health issues we’ve found.  They need to know that it is detrimental to their health if they don’t get it taken care of, and if they do attend to it they can hope to feel better, prevent problems in the future, reverse the effects of the aging process and have a better quality of life! By asking pertinent questions, patients themselves can come to the conclusion that they have a health problem not a back problem, and they are in the right place!  Our job is to correct their subluxations and show them ways to stop recreating the same thing over and over so that they can possess all of the above and more!

The truth is that the majority of people want what we have to offer, they just don’t know we are offering it!  We need to teach under the radar, ask good questions as opposed to lecturing them, and use stories and metaphors to communicate the true message of our profession.  Once they want it, we just have to show them how easy it is to get it!

The difference is, in a TRUE wellness practice, we are using care vs. scare tactics.  We want to relate to people, reframe their understanding of chiropractic and help them repeat healthy choices!  Fear, facts and force just do not have a place in a true wellness model of communication.

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